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I Got Mooned Tonight

I Got Mooned Tonight

Well, she only made it to Half Moon… Show some decency ffs. This level took me almost an hour to finish, but I forced myself to finish it.

You start out fighting this cartoon girl, who shape-shifts into a plane, a blimp, and draws on the power of the stars to change into the physical form of various star formations.

As annoying it was dying time and time again, it was oddly addicting. Being able to fly made it even more interesting. Each time I died I tried different patterns to thwart her, and after almost an hour I finally finished the damned thing. I was tempted to play one more level, but I know it would probably take another hour… minimum. 😛

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Melon Seed
February 3, 2024 7:26 pm

Her name is Hilda Berg. She’s so beautiful especially with her crescent moon transformation. 😍