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To Kill A Mocking Stormbird

Earned a few achievements tonight! I’ve climbed all the tallnecks, plundered all the bandit camps, found every Banuk figure, and I only have one metal flower left to find. There’s still quite a lot of the main questline to do, plus I still have more proving grounds to conquer… but I have 56 out of 79 achievements/trophies claimed. In fact I like this game soooo much that I may consider trying to platinum it! Obviously not tonight, and definitely not this month, and most probably not the next few.

Pacing, it’s important.

The Kid Is At It Again

The last time I visited The Bastion it was back in January. It caught my eye on Steam Deck today, and I had plenty of time to kill during lunch. I collected a couple of shards before heading back to work, and completed a few of the proving grounds when I got home.

I think I completed three or four different proving grounds.., it feels like four, my thumb was endlessly spamming the B button on my controller until I was rewarded with prizes. Only three more proving grounds to clear, and a handful of vigils. Made note of that for my future self to finish it, as I’ll probably veer off in a different direction tomorrow.

Evening Open Thread

I think my setup is FINALLY ready to do some livestreaming, at least for retro and indie stuff. I did some test recordings over the network, got all the scenes I want to do in place, etc. I would have done a live test run tonight but I have an early work day tomorrow, but at least it’s ready for when I decide to! The hardest part is trying to find the time to do it, and what game to play. I don’t think every game in my almost infinite library would be streamworthy, but there are some bangers in there I wouldn’t mind sharing. There’s a few I’m looking at for tomorrow, but I think those will be private adventures that may or may not involve a Steam Deck.

Open Thread!

Where’d The Day Go? HZD Edition

We had our first cool day in about a week. After the long roast it felt real nice, and it gave me an excuse to play a warm game. šŸ™‚ I didn’t mean to, but I accidentally binge played HZD, which tbf isn’t that hard to do. I cleared all the corrupted zones, cauldrons, Banuk figures in the base game, and I completed all the side-quests in the Frozen Wilds.

Even ran into some friends from the Frozen Wilds when I returned to the base game! I think I’ve earned enough achievements to give this one a little break. The weekend is over, it started with old school Playstation gaming and it ended in modern Playstation. There’s another work week on the horizon (no pun intended) and I think I have enough energy now to work on some different projects, depending on how the weather plays out.

You Like Konami Games!

Took to my Steam Deck during another hot day, and decided to enjoy some Metal Gear Solid in the shade. Calling it quits tonight just before starting the Psycho Mantis battle. Managed a good couple of hours on Steam Deck, By the time I depleted the battery it was cool enough for me to switch over to the desktop.

As glad as I am that Konami did an official PC release – I do wish Konami added better graphic features for their emulator. In epsxe I had it looking a lot smoother and clearer, worthy of a 4K TV. Since I’m mostly playing this on Steam Deck though, it isn’t that big of a deal.

Suddenly Haven Moon

Once upon a time, a slightly younger Overlord purchased an indie game called Haven Moon but didn’t get very far due to ping-ponging between different game universes. You are MYSTeriously teleported to a Moon containing four islands, and you have to figure out how to teleport between them with the equipment located on each island. So far I’ve managed to find four out of the 10 achievements/trophies in the game, which are also a mystery (you can’t see what they are until you solve them).

For being a one guy dev team it has nice visuals, though mouse movement looks a little strange when playing at a higher refresh rate. It isn’t too jarring, but next time I play I’ll have to see if there’s a cfg or ini that I can tweak to make it friendlier on my monitor. The visuals hold up pretty well in 4K, and the soundtrack is as relaxing as the game itself. I wasn’t feeling too good when I got off work today, and wanted to play something a bit more on the peaceful side. I’m not sure when I’ll come back to this one, but I did leave a note for future me so that I hopefully won’t be too confused.

Another Day, Another Scorcher

We had some record breaking temperatures here at Overlord HQ today! A whopping 43CĀ  when I got off work today! It’s JUST starting to cool off tonight, with the scent of sulfur in the air. Mostly took to the tablet and played DOOM 64 on my Steam Deck and chatted with friends across my collection of small devices. It’s a good thing I don’t have any videos planned currently, wouldn’t be able to get them done.

The weather is supposed to be like this for a couple weeks. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it was just a few degrees cooler, or time off to reeeeally enjoy the weather.