DOSBox: In Color

I forgot to post this from the other night:

We traveled back in time to an era where the internet was close to being a thing, the start menu hadn’t been invented yet, and people didn’t have smartphones to distract themselves with while driving. I had fun showing off a really old install of Windows with some After Dark screensavers. I kinda wish these would make a comeback, it was always fun to have something silly to look at in the background.

Work Induces Coma

I’ve had a pretty busy week. Between being sleep deprived and having to play catch up I wore myself out to a point that I took a nap in the afternoon and woke up at 6:00am. I did get the last bits of my SFM stuff taken care of, now I’m ready to finish up under Linux and I’ll have an abomination for the world to see. All I really need to do is polish the audio and I’ll be able to have a complete video.

I also volunteered some time to help a friend pack up the belongings of someone else, they are not much longer for the world and they needed help with packing everything up and gathering it all in one place for moving.

Came home and played some Borderlands Pre-Sequel and a little Broforce. I’m kind of surprised how buggy and long winded Pre-Sequel turned out to be, there are so many good concepts in the game, but you have to do so much backtracking in the beginning that it makes one’s head spin after awhile. Broforce was also annoying, but slightly less buggy. There was only one bugged level in multiplayer, rather than explain it I’ll probably save it for another video. I probably have a good bug/glitch blooper reel for Pre-Sequel as well. v

April Showers Bring May… Showers

My extended weekend comes to a close. All in all I feel much more relaxed, and hopefully things go smoothly. I have a full week ahead of me. The weather continues to disappoint me; we’re in May now and we’re still dipping into 40 degree weather at night, and we may even be getting rain… which wouldn’t bother me but I’d like at least a little sunshine this spring. Most of my days off have been gray recently,  it’s as though I’m unable to determine if it’s Spring or Autumn just by glancing outside.


I was AMID EVIL this evening

This wasn’t one of my best streams. AMID EVIL runs nicely, but I can’t seem to both record and stream it at the same time. So in the future I’ll have to remember to use the laptop as a streaming medium while recording locally. But regardless I did have a smooth stream (although playback looks a bit grainier than I’d like it to be, probably a CPU setting under OBS). I’ve been playing a bit of this over the weekend and I really like it! People were always trying to copy DOOM and Quake but never really paid as much attention to games like Heretic which were essentially the same thing but one uses magical weapons and the other guns. Playing it gave me old school vibes that you would get from playing Quake, Unreal or Heretic/Hexen.

It seems like the further I go in the trippier it gets; I enjoy every moment of it.

Aaaaaaand I’m back!

I’m on day two of my four day weekend, and if you were around last night you would have noticed I kicked it off quite nicely:


I know of at least three scenes I’ll be able to pull out of that adventure. Other than that I’ve still been continuing onward with my video project. I can honestly say that I have one more scene in SFM to render and I’ll be headed back into Linux to edit it all back together into one disasterpiece.

Work 5 Days Get 4 Off. That works

I found out that I’ll be going back to my regular job next week, and after working 5 days I’ll get 4 off! I’m glad, after last week two days doesn’t feel too great after nine days. That’ll give my muscles a chance to breathe, and maybe I can accomplish a few things… possibly stream a few things. Give me time and I’ll fill it up.

A Thread to chill

I’ve made it through my long ass work week, my god what a mental roller coaster I’ve been forced to ride. I’m not going to go into too big of detail, but I haven’t been feeling quite right since taking it. On a more positive note it was nice to wake up and relax tonight with some Broforce, and plans to continue making YouTube stuffs. I tried my birthday tea (sweet watermelon) and I think this is going to become a mandatory elixir. Everything from the flavor to the color is exceptional.

I’ll probably be staying up late to keep my body on the current sleep schedule, shouldn’t be too difficult to stay awake. I have quite a bit that I could do.

Mouthwords Cometh

Sorry for not writing for these last few days. I’ve been fighting allergies, muscle pain and trying to understand this new job I’m being forced to do. So far I’m not really liking it, and I’m not sure if it’s because of my lack of knowledge or the person that I’ve been working with. She’s been guiding me through what I need to take care of, but I have quite a few n00bish questions and I often feel like I’m annoying her; I seem to hear it more and more in her voice as things continue on, and then sometimes she just switches back to being a happy person. I’m thinking it might just be me, though others have been taking notice that she is rather bitchy, and I’m just a fool. I thought working at night with paperwork wouldn’t be a bad gig, but in some ways I’m not sure if this or my daily bustle with the public is more nerve wracking; All I can do is try my best and learn from the inevitable mistakes I’ve been making. I go from moments where I actually figured something out, to not knowing my own ass from a hole in the ground. assy zorak

I’ve still been crashing not long after getting home, and waking up in the afternoon. So far this is my only favorite aspect of the whole ordeal, waking up and enjoying a breakfast, a shower, whatever I have time for. I haven’t had time to really play any games lately, other than a little bit of AMID EVIL the other day. That one I’ll have to make more time for. It’s like a blend of the original Quake and Heretic (you’re even labeled as a heretic in the game). It runs on Unreal Engine 4, and it’s well optimized to run on even the most fabulous toaster. It runs quite decently under Proton, haven’t played it under Windows yet…. which is funny because I’ve mainly been living under Windows again due to Source Filmmaker on that really ambitious project I’ve been working on.

For almost a month now I’ve been working on this particular video, and I still have a ways to go on it due to the amount of animation I’ve been pouring into it among help from friends in other fields, such as script writing and additional voice work and modelling… Yutram is very talented, we even came up with an idea for one of the worst television shows in history that may someday see actual video form… if I can call it animation. trollface

I’m thinking when I pick back up on this again (possibly tomorrow) I’ll still be working on this particular scene. The video is short enough that I want to try and making my own Kojima inspired cutscene, but make it even more ridiculous. I can only describe this as if Kojima worked together with a flamboyant Daedric Prince on drugs provided by Suda51 and the Bleu Cheese olives in my refrigerator.

That is a delightful note to take a nap on. rick