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The Mind Of OverlordTomala

>Days 4 and 5

Yesterday was my relaxing day. Today I had a blast at Mysterium. I recorded some footage but that’ll have to wait until I get home from Spokane, I brought the wrong firewire cable. We had hotdogs at the convention. I met Fallstar, saw Marten again, Greydragon was there, Ocelot, Jane, Alah, Eleri, JUNE and LARRY!!!! Rand (Duh), Pigbristles, dadguy, zib, Adnil and so many others. Oh! I saw Kierra with no Zandi’s behind her, and she didn’t drool all over Rand. She did make a beautiful looking cake. I was impressed with all the effort she put into it.


They had good food there. Talked nerd with Dadguy for awhile with the evil Papa Smurf. Talked with June and Larry outside for awhile, surprised the hell out of Dalken, Mystdee and several others (not having a nametag can make things fun).

Everyone loved our hats. Eleri was nice and showed me their Mysterium cookbook. Everyone was great!

I found out some other ineteresting news that’s unrelated. But that can wait until I get home.

>Trip Day 3: Visitz

Yet another nice day passed today. I went to visit my Auntie, then my uncle. Took home some giant zucchini straight from Auntie Kay’s garden.


Went back to the secret bunker I’m staying at. I had a few shots of vodka. And then we had some hot wings and blue cheese with grilled zucchini on the side. omnom.


Good to see Shelby and Woody again. Shelby is the dark one and Woody is the light one. Woody likes to sleep on his back. O_o


I’m sleeping in the art room on a futon. At night when I turn off the lights I can see stars on the ceiling. Kinda reminds me of that one room from Myst. I tried taking pictures but they didn’t turn out right.


Here is that cheongsam I was talking about. Can’t wait to turn it into a shirt!


And here is the decorative teapot that Aunt Tor’i fixed for me. It was usable at one point in time, but when she was getting ready to ship the teaset to me the teapot had an accident. Still. Nice decoration worthy of the Overlord’s living quarters.

Anyway… If you can’t tell things are going good. Not sure what we’re doing tomorrow. But I’m sure it’ll be fun.

>This is allowed at MystBlogs! (But not anymore)

Hey, remember when I was banned from the MystBlogs because of some cosplay pics that DG posted? Well… Those weren’t ok, but apparently ddfreyne approves of this:

Do not click on this at work.

This picture was simulcast with a bunch of other pictures in this entry:

So there you have it folks! Anime and Cosplay are not ok, but hot goat sex and naked dudes pissing on the earth? Totally MystBlogs worthy.

Update It’s been cropped.

>Trip Day 2: Made it to point A

The next waking day wasn’t so bad. When we were leaving we got a discount on our room because they don’t know anything about their pricing system. And while we took luggage back out to the car we found a little friend outside.


The weather was REAL hot today. And during one of our stops I just HAD to take a picture of this:


Still trying to figure that one out… Anyway we made it safely to Spokane. My Aunt has given me a pretty gold Cheongsam that was made in Japan. I’m going to have it turned into a shirt! Very beautiful though. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

I thought of some of you today… And yesterday but forgot to post about it. When passing through the town named Florence I thought to myself “Was this town named after a boy or a girl? And if it was a boy who in the hell would name their son Florence?” Yutram, that thought made me think of you. Then I saw cows which made me think of Hoikas. COWS!!! Too tired to think of anything else.

We had a great dinner tonight. It’s a tradition that whenever we stay with my Aunt and Uncle that we have a pasta dish on the first night. Oh, and straight shots. Overall it’s been nice.

Well I’m beat. I’m getting up tomorrow to go visit people on my mothers side of the family.

>Trip day one

We made it to Madras today. Didn’t get followed by cops or hit any cars. Though they did come close to us a couple times today. We’re inland where it’s really HOT. Now we’re in a Best Western Hotel that doesn’t fit the overlord’s needs. The internet sucks ass, and the LAN cable isn’t even good enough for strangling the staff.

Will report in tomorrow evening.

>Wutt The Fuck?

It seems Rear Admiral Wutt, everyones favorite fairymen has knocked the dust off his first forum account at the MOUL forum.

Rear Admiral:

I’m sure in some nameless Undisclosed location they are working on something right now.
I’d give names but would implicate myself in their secret operations. And possibly risk public flogging.

Holy fuck there are shards out there??? Impossible. No one and I mean no one has mentioned anything about anyone running shards anywhere. This guy must be out of touch with reality…


He messaged me


(This PM may be monitored for training purposes)

Hook, Line, Stinker, VREEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Ok, My Bad. I so always misunderstand what you didn’t mean to say. Thanks for the clairification dear.
Well then I’ll just sit here by my lonesome and wait to see what Cyan Legal has to say about me starting my own shard when I get my Static IP. Can’t wait to use the new server! YAY!

Hate to upset you any further Wutt… But that’s a calculator.

>And we meet again.

All bold points are additions I made to his PM to me at the MOUL forum.


To_Mala (best near translation In Babblefish Spanglish ” To Ugly Gurl”,Sister Head in the Clouds, ST Living Vicariously through her family members, and “insert Name here”Some childish jap anim alias,
Good I’ll send Rand a copy of the Slackers Uru Underground CD yall sent me. Yeah you were NOT underground at all were you Twit. Funny how the truth always changes to fit YOU. I laughing really, I am. Besides I cant imagine anyone outside of yer closets butt buddies who would read your tripe(Holy shit talk about the pot calling the kettle black!). So fine with me. I love the time I made you take to break it all down. Oh theres that laughing feeling again. It sure dont take much to keep the monkeys occupied around here.
Well you have a nice day anyway. Love ya, really I do.

The shard owners called it the “Above Ground” since they would be going “above” the “underground” by letting ANYONE in. But seeing as you’re from Dumbfuckistan it’s understandable that you would miss that key point. Anyone in the owners group would have told you the same… And if you actually paid attention you would have KNOWN that.

I hope I simplified that enough for your poor wingtarded brain.

>Surreality 2

Today I got a PM from Neile Adams about my latest entry directed at him. Rather than respond to it in private, I’ll respond to it in a place where anyone can see it.


Your a real piece of work. “real Friends” dont try to fuck with yer head when they tell you problems. They certainly dont get a kick out of seeing the shit fly when they hurt someon.

And I can tell you’ve been having plenty of fun lately.


Thet DO know how to apologise when thyey fuck up big time. And know they are not always right.

You’re right. And hopefully someday you’ll be able to pull your head out of your ass and learn how to treat your friends.


This note is already too much of a waste of my time. I could care less about yer pot smokin, ego totin ass hats.

Which is why you’re responding to me after saying you’re done with me. Carry on.


“Oooh look at me. I can hurt whoever I want cuz my aunt works at Cyan”
As usual yer delusions of superiority has led you to believe yer important cuz your part of a illegal rogue of hackers. Too bad none of you could ever have done it alone. It’s amazing how you have become the mouth piece for all these people I did wrong. I am so glad Uru failed. I knew it would with the scum of the earth viing for control.I pittyanything that comes from this open source crap. If this community has taught me one thing. The internet attracts some real sickos.

Yes, and you’re at the front of the line bub.


BTW how many lurking aliases have you had dear? Mine was no secret I was about to try something with Uru and said the hell with it, it bores me.

Sure… That’s what it is… Just like when “Dame Edna” was trying to do something over at one of Eleri’s websites. Sure…


But as usual I guess you got to htry and hurt and be nasty, when a simple I’m sorry it upset you instead of. “if they get an aliias and come into underground who would know the differance.

We weren’t underground anymore when this took place. Get your facts straight. Oh wait, you’re a wingtard. You don’t know what that is.


You just keep defending your actions because your a little gurl. Trying to use other people to hurt me.

I think I’m doing fine dealing with you on my own, just as I think the other people you pissed off are doing fine without my help.


Trust me once I give up on something its filed burned and deleted. Until I get curious about it again.



Have fun with yer blog. At least you have a place other than yer ming to feel important.

Buh Bye

Wutt/Neile Adams/Admiral Vega/D’Neile/Wingnut Wutt/Everyone’s favorite ruby throated Southern American DoDo:

Till we meet again.

>Vacation beginith

Got home today after the evil 4 letter word ended. Then I went over to PB’s for awhile (made some salad dressing for her). Then we decided to go shopping for awhile. Went back to her place and then we walked down to the docks. It turns out there’s an entire colony of feral cats that are cared for there by the humane society. This skinny little kitten came up to us to say hello. Left me tired…

Time to collapse.