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>Comment commentary


CrisGer wrote:

what Dickens is talking about is hacking

Horse hockey, Cris, and it would be nice if you stopped demanding locked threads when you disagree with something. The mods can make those extreme decisions on their own without your help. It only attracts posts like this one, takes us off topic, and actually increases the likelyhood of an escalation. The point of this thread is not to discuss hacking. It’s to propose asking permission. For that, Dickens has shown improvement and willingness to join “the system.” Cyan will obviously and certainly reject such a request. And I do not agree with the proposal. But I disagree with your demand to lock the thread under false reasoning even more.

Excuse me, but he has the right to call hacking whatever he wants. He may not be a hacker, he may not be an age writer or ever used hacking tools in his life (or has the intelligence to). But he DOES have the right to call hacking whatever he wants. We will rewrite Uru history the way we want to, ok?

Patience is a virtue Very Happy

Look Cyan is promising us a game, now all we have to do is wait. That’s part of their plan, and instead of doing anything to compromise that ultimate goal, I suggest we be patient until MORE comes.

This is the attitude we need to survive! It’s not about keeping interest. it’s waiting for the actual thing to come to life. So we lose a few people in the process who get tired of waiting… I call that thinning the herd!!! MORE asshats for the cavern!

I agree! As a loyal, Rand-Fearing Cyantologyst, I demand that you stop posting this heresy! UU never existed! It has been erased from history by the great GreyDragon! Any attempt to resurrect that abomination to Rand (that does not exist) must DIE!

Cyantology: Are you washed in the Lakewater?

Hear hear! Praise Cyantology!!!

He did not have to mention hacking… all he had to say is “we have the Ability to run a uu server, all we need is permission to to it”

Besides, this is a very fickle community that selectively attacks threads they don’t like (you all should be ashamed)… Just 2 threads down we have a topic on hacking ABM to see the un-relrased content, and not one peep out of the anti-hack members. So uh… can you all just shut up until you make up your damn minds about what “hacking” really is?

Simple. It’s whatever you want it to be. And single player doesn’t count because it’s not online. Duh… Though give it time and eventually we’ll have people moderating that too.

Some of these quotes are from page two of the latest thread that was removed. That was the only page I saved. Certain blogs and forums who believe in that damned free speech thing they are still talking about it.

You know, I’d almost protest MORE because age creation IS hacking. But with Cyan involved that makes it ok in my book.

>I demand a protest.

Jamey wrote:

I voted no, you need to get Cyan’s permission before you do this. If they say yes, fine, otherwise it’s ILLEGAL.

But I still don’t want the fan-created servers to come up, because I’m concerned that if we all go to these fan servers, when MORE comes, I’m afraid some may decide to stay on the fan servers, and that won’t let Cyan get the money they need to run the servers that are going to have the fan created content, and that is what would really split the community,

And if Cyan can’t get enough money to run MORE, it won’t last.

Dickens wrote:

Some of you know that I discovered how to get the old Until Uru servers working without Cyan’s central authentication/data servers… It’s such a waste that this information goes unused, so what if we, the community, made a proposal to Cyan that would allow us to run UU Shards until MORE is a reality.

You know, when I read it, as in word for word actually reading it. It sounds to me like they are not going to co exist, but rather it will give people something to do while waiting for the real thing.

I propose that if this does actually happen, that we hold protests ON these servers. First I think we should tell people to stay away from them, then after we agree. we go to those shards (if they still exist) login and protest. The more of us the better.

CrisGer wrote:

Mods please lock this thread, what Dickens is talking about is hacking and we have been asked to stop talking baout it.
Be patient. and wait for the right way.

Shorter CrisGer: I’m scared I’m scared! Help mods people are thinking of ways to stay interested!

Just kidding. We all know the 12 commandments of Cyantology. And I stand by: The asshat’s shall inherit the cavern.

>DAMN YOU GOOGLE 2001!!!!!!!

For google’s 10th anniversary, they have reopened their old style search engine complete with the database of that year. It will only be available for one month.

I decided to type in my name into the search engine. To my dismay, I don’t exist!!! This is an outrage! I demand they rewrite google history to include my popularity! I exist in 2008, so why not 2001? I was alive then, it’s not like they’re inserting me into the history of WW2. Which is a shame, because no one will ever know how I saved Canada from the 300 man operated godzilla monster in that era.

Canada you owe me… And don’t think I’ve forgotten you too google.


>Late Night Open Thread


If your advertisement has disappeared….

It is because it is spam or an unapproved advertisement. We will delete your posts without explanation, and your membership if you persist in spamming.

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>Operation: Epic Fail!

With the opening of MORE, the DRC will be in absentia. While some independent restoration groups (Third Path and SubRest come to mind) have historically operated out of the way of the DRC, the current situation could present an opportunity for an usurping of control. OOC, storytellers working on this theme could team up with a Writer or two to produce some small new D’ni areas. New areas would be released as under the “control” of a new (and more antagonistic) restoration company that has decided to move in while the DRC are away. This group could limit access to the new areas to some explorer groups as a political maneuver (OOC, planned with these groups’ involvement, so no explorer is really being prevented from visiting and playing).

Now see, I was considering selling all OOC people into slavery. But I actually like this idea. In all seriousness, we could call it Operation Epic Fail, if the idea works, then we can call the DRC failures while the community helps Cyan succeed. If MORE itself fails. Then, this time around it would be an epic fail. This could go both ways!

Ha ha ha! Both ways!

>Friday Night Open Thread

Have I told you lately that I love me?

I remember a time when I could talk to myself and have the best conversations. I always knew what to say to impress myself. Maybe someday I’ll setup a debate. I’m what you call a formidable opponent. A Master debater if you will.

That reminds me. I wonder when my fanclub T Shirts will come out. The limited edition ones that have my real face on them are currently available in the meter room. As my face is too amazing to post everywhere. Looking directly at it may blind you. Sadly they are not available to people who aren’t in the meter room. But I am working on public iron outs you can download for free. One with a picture of me in Uru pointing at you with the words “I’ll be modding you” under it. Maybe a “I kissed Tomala’s ass and all I got was this lousy T Shirt” as the official GOGU shirt. But that’s a work in progress.

>Our IC explanation.

People are wondering, this time around what is our IC explanation for being in D’ni. In this thread:

Here is where I stand on it as noted in that thread:

Not sure if explaining everything with IC is a good idea. Doesn’t it reduce the quality of the game?

What game? You think this is a game???

I found out why my ages keep resetting. It’s because after I declare bankruptcy due to lack of m’ni to pay to the guilds, they wipe me clean and make me start from scratch. sad.gif


Naturally my genius was ignored by the masses for reasons I’ve yet to comprehend. However, another genius came in and offered us a piece of wisdom.

I say forget about stupid Yeesha and all that Bahro hocus pocus. Let’s go back to the original goal of the game – back during MUDPIE.

To explore and learn about the D’ni civilization.

Now like my fellow community members I’m all for forgetting the past that lead us to where we are today. We’ve constantly put the history behind us and look at how successful everything is!

Whoever said those who can’t learn from history are bound to repeat it are full of it.

>Open Thread

Every post you make
And every thread I take
Every thread you make, it’s the one I’ll take,
I’ll be modding you

Every single day
I take what you say
Every age you play, every word you say
I’ll be modding you

I’ll make you see
this all belongs to me
Will your post go or stay
when comes judgment day?
Every rant you make
Every rule you break
Every hack you make, every fact you state
I’ll be modding you

This post’s gone, Threads are lost without a trace
I scream in fright, when I visit another place
I read around,it’s your thread I can’t erase
I wait for MORE, not yet another disgrace
I keep saying maybe, maybe we’ll see,
I’ll make you see
this all belongs to me
Will your thread go or stay
when comes judgment day?
Every rant you make
Every rule you break
Every hack you make, every fact you state
I’ll be modding you
Every post you make, every thread I take
I’ll be modding you
I’ll be modding you


>I am Uru. Why wasn’t I invited?

Community, as some of you know from reading The GOGu blog, there is a council being formed to approve and disapprove of ages. But since MORE isn’t here yet they have no choice but to approve and disapprove of offline game ages. Now, while I think it’s a noble cause to tell people what should and shouldn’t be on their PC, lets face it… It’s about as easy as having the FCC censor real life.

BAD wrote:

Did I miss a meeting when everyone decide three is no longer an odd number? Honestly I would like to hear a scenario where the panel will be so swamped with age ideas, that it is necessary to have nine people working on them.

He did apparently… As did I.

Andy wrote:

It was Chogon (Mark’s) idea, and both Tony and Rand loved it. Chogon then asked for a private place to talk to both the GM’s of the GoMa and the Councilors of the GoW over at the GoW forum. We began talking on 13 May, 2008. You were suppose to have access to that forum (who’s link I just PM’ed you).

Paradox wrote:

The forum was only visible to people mentioned specifically by Chogon, and to the GoW and GoMa councils.

Now, I can understand the slackers not being invited, they’d ruin Uru by default as we all assume, they didn’t ruin the first Live, Until Uru, or MORE, but someday they might and we have to take caution! But why didn’t I get in??? I believe in Uru. I believe it has stuff in it! And I believe that it’s not butter. So tell me community… Why wasn’t I worthy?