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Babies That Travel At The Speed Of Cocaine

Managed to save more Stuffed Animals; this time from a pack of Baby Space Kangaroos that bounce around like they all just OD’d on Space Vegemite. It wouldn’t be so bad except each encounter with them knocks you down for a few seconds. Sadly, I had to take one of …

Fun With Steam Deck Configs

I’ve been crafting a Commander Keen config for my Steam Deck! I’m getting tired of opening the on screen keyboard to save my progress, or answer old school dialogue windows. I also put in a radial menu for save numbers! It’s like having a computer built into a better Steam …

Nonsense w/commentary

Here’s a little video. I have another one with animations that’ll be released on the weekend. :melon: I have a couple teaser pics in the Tomala Fanclub Chat and a little Discord server I put together for anyone interested. Steam: https://s.team/chat/iQcjDkBk Discord: https://discord.gg/4GSjAx :melon: