The Mind Of OverlordTomala

Twice The Crashing!

I made time to do Crash on the couch with some Crash! I’ve been playing a little here and there, some on Steam Deck, some on Desktop, and tonight a little bit on a big TV.  Next time I play I’ll have some fun mods to look at. The Nexus seems to have more than the one for N.Sane Trilogy.

Of course, I’ve also been plinking away at Crash Bandicoot 2 in the N.Sane Trilogy, simultaneously yelling fuck at the screen constantly and having a good time. I’m trying to get all of the gems, when I played the original back on the PS1 I never did get all the gems. The gem hunting is making me a little tired, though. It’s been a long day, and a little bit of reliving my childhood helped me forget the stupid, for a little while anyway.

Knocking the Dust Off of Dust During Maytroidvania!

I haven’t touched this one in awhile! There wasn’t much time for me to get heavily invested in it this evening, but I did find a couple chests and went up a level. It wasn’t much, but it’s a small bit of progress.

Apparently May is MAYtroidvania! Although, I think I’ve played a lot of Shantae to give myself some leeway to play other genres!

New Ways To Crash

Crash looking onward towards a bunch of pretty lights emitting from an evil castle.

I decided to spend the Sunset part of my evening playing Crash Bandicoot 4, I got it over my vacation from a friend as a present! It runs nicely on my 4K Desktop, still need to try it out on Deck. I had a friend watch me play it, and it does take some getting used to. They changed the game mechanics a bit by adding double jumping and reality phasing.

By equipping a special mask, it allows you to shift between dimensions and access ethereal looking platforms and crates. Part of me always wanted to stand inside of a Nitro box. :v I played a few levels before deciding to call it a night. Let’s see how long I can last on Retro Mode! 😛

Now it’s time for me to crash for realz.

Leisurely Monday Open Thread

Today was pretty therapeutic! I woke up, made a nice breakfast, animated for a little, gave myself a small spa treatment and came out to a care package from a friend! The weather was also nice today for a change. It felt nice to sit out side, sip a little white tea and enjoy my Steam Deck for a bit. Played a bit of a Pac-Man game, and finished off the evening with a little of Crash on Desktop.

There was a lot of dying involved, despite all the times I said FUCK but I was patient about it. I managed to knock out a couple of levels. This is one of those games I like playing with a controller, even when I’m at my desk. Not all games feel right on a Keyboard and Mouse setup.

Sunday Slice n Shoot

We did our Sunday Wonderland romp as per current tradition. Helped some Goblins, and killed some Goblins, found more dice and other huge loot receptacles to destroy. I’m Level 39 with up to 60 backpack slots. This was probably our longest run so far – we played from early evening to twilight, it’s just so magical!… literally! Think I’ll be able to make it till next Sunday for the next part of our journey.

Too Wicked To Rest

I don’t get it… I went to bed on time, had a good meal, a hot shower and home spa treatment… and yet I couldn’t get to sleep last night for work. I haven’t even napped yet. I’ve been awake since Wednesday Morning! Hopefully I’ll have better luck tonight. I don’t have the energy to play anything, but I haven’t been tired enough to lie down… until now.

Think I’ll go lay down before I break something.