The Mind Of OverlordTomala

The Joy Of Brunch

One of the gifts I received during my birthday was The Bob Ross Cookbook; a book so wholesome I was surprised it didn’t burn my hands while holding it. It features paintings by Bob Ross himself, and is written in such a Bob Ross sort of way. Is it gimmicky? Yes it is, Bob Ross is after all a living meme, and that’s ok because the cookbook actually features a lot of nice recipes. I’m on my weekend now, and wanted to try making the “Brunch Palette Quiche”. It calls for Gruyere Cheese, but I couldn’t find any to buy, so I decided to use smoked Gouda instead. It also calls for spinach, but I used a mix of spinach and kale. This is fine though, even the book talks about cooking as its own art form much like painting or anything else. I mean, look at this:

It tastes really good with slices of french bread. If I had time I would have made some form of pancakes to go with it. I’ve never made quiche before, so this was fun! It’ll also be a nice breakfast lunch to take to work with me. It was so good that I had to have two slices. 😛 I’ll have to check out some of the other recipes when given the chance.

I rate this book 420 out of 10.

Praise The Penguin!

I got Linux back up and running on the desktop! This time I’m up and running on the KDE spin of Manjaro, and so far everything seems to be running fine on a newer kernel and set of Open Source drivers. All of my programs are reinstalled and ready to go! I can finally move my projects back to Linux, and even see how my new graphics card performs on the Linux side of things! I launched AMID EVIL just to see if the drivers were working properly, and it ran with flying colours of blood!

I think that earns me a good passing out! I’ll need more energy before I continue further tweaking. I’ve also done more tweaking to my Manjaro on my Surface Pro; added Shotcut, Audacity, and I already had Krita installed for drawing and photo editing. I’m thinking these programs might come in handy if we go traveling this year; it would be nice to be able to do some small video editing or photo tweaking while traveling in motion, especially during long drives. It would be nice to have a video or photo of something ready to deploy as soon as I’m in range of some semi-decent internetz. My next plan for the tablet is to install some light duty games, and maybe a couple of emulators. It won’t be nearly as good as my gaming systems, but during travel it can help kill a little time. 😛

Blogging From Bed

Just wanted to see how it feels to blog from my Linux Surface, and I have to admit I really like the keyboard for typing. It’s a comfortable size and tucks away nicely when I’m done. It’s kind of weird using a touchscreen to make my selections for tags and stuff, but I think I could get used to it with a bit of practice, might even come in handy on the go! Well, moresso…

Cuppa Crimson

I’m always on the lookout to try different teas, and last year TeaLyra’s Cherry Goddess became a fave. It’s a pure fruit and herbal tea made of cherries, cranberries, and hibiscus to name a few items. Both sweet and tangy to the palette, and damn good mixed with some sweetened frothed milk and some almond extract to make a maraschino cherry latte. I’m also thinking about trying it with equal parts lemonade to make a cherry lemonade tea during the summer. I already like drinking lemon/limeade with black tea, and lemonade tastes good with almost anything… so why not?

This tea was one of the gifts I gave to my best friend for Christmas last year. She wrote me back recently, and I laughed when she told me her hubby calls it “vampire tea” when brewed for too long. It’s funny because I always kinda had that thought anytime I drank the tea, or anything red going back to red flavoured Kool-Aid… which this tea actually tastes like a healthy version of, oddly enough.

Now I can’t help but wonder what a vampiric tea party would consist of.

Getting My Groove Back

I’ve got all my ducks in a row for work tomorrow; clothes are ready, morning iced tea is brewed, the awesome tablet is ready to join my gaming laptop for tomorrow’s adventures! Now I’m just having some raspberry pink moscato, along with the last bit of raspberry tea in my pot … lotta raspberry beverage stuff going on and I didn’t plan for that. 😛

I did get some audio work done for the upcoming Bayonetta video; shaved the animation audio down to over two minutes, and there are plans in the works for another “special” ending. I have the audio imported into two SFM sessions… I know I probably say this on every single one of these projects, but I’ll be doing a few different things that I haven’t done before. 😛  I’m sure there will be a few happy accidents along the way, but that’s how learning goes with these things. I’m sure I’ll be here bitching about it if I run into any problems. :v

Bawdewrlands Sunday Getaway

We revisited Borderlands 3 this evening, after taking a small vacation from it after certain game annoyances. We actually had a good time all things considered, and we only heard one line from Claptrap! Riding in vehicles is a bit buggy; Yutram was riding on the outside of his hover doughnut car (in his instance of the game), and my hover doughnut being completely invisible to him!

We left off shortly after meeting up with Maya on her home planet of Athenas.We’ll have to continue our journey on another weekend. As it is I have to get back into the swing of things, work comes day after tomorrow and I need to make sure I have all my ducks in a row. I’ll also get back into working on the next video. 😛 I would have done some prep work yesterday, but the new Surface kinda had my full attention. 😛 Still working nicely btw! More about that in another post… I need to unvampire myself.

My Linux Surface Pro Arrived!

My Surface Pro 6 arrived today! It only took me a couple hours but I have a KDE Plasma spin of Manjaro running on it, with the custom surface kernel even! I did run into a couple of peripheral issues, as the touch screen doesn’t work until you install the surface kernel provided here. Fortunately I still have my old gaming keyboard, and I used my Steam Controller as a mouse. 😛 After getting the custom kernel installed I focused on installing my usual programs and tweaked the overall aesthetics. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for years, and it’s nice to have finally achieved it painlessly.

My next goal will be to take my Kindle HD8 and see if can sideload a different OS on it. I’ve read that it can be done, but if you’re not careful you can do some serious damage to the system. Having a better tablet makes me less fearful of nuking it, that and the HD8 was only a dollar. 😛

Visual Aromatherapy

One of my gifts was a couple candles, and you can never have enough aromatherapy… in fact I have an assload of candles I really need to burn! This one is a lemon watermint candle, and I also have a watermelon one (surprise, surprise). I liked the look of this one though, it inspired me to pull out my camera and play with different settings. I snapped a bunch of different shots on different settings, and this one was the best one out of the bunch. I was trying to go for cozy lighting. My only complaint is that the flame is too bright, but at the same time the softness has a certain charm to it.