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The Mind Of OverlordTomala

In Control Of My Own Sunday

It’s been awhile since I last touched Control – long enough that I decided to start over again from the beginning. It gives me an excuse to make a proper config for my gaming keyboard, and to appreciate the 4K experience!

Dressing for the job.

I even decided to follow instructions on the PCGamingWiki to get the Playstation DLC via a hex editor. The instructions were pretty straight forward. I might check out some of the retexture mods at the Modders Nexus next time I decide to play. It could help add a little flair to my Photo Mode barrage. 😛


I re-obtained the Floppy of Telekinesis before calling it a night. I think I’m fully refreshed on how to play again, and I even left notes for my future self to make sure I don’t get lost a second time. It’s one of the unfortunate side effects of traveling in between game universes, sometimes you forget a few things.

Saturday Night Open Thread

I reached my weekend!… and I feel dead as fuck. Went to work not feeling well today, then an orange cat came and convinced me to take a nap. I just woke up not that long ago, but I’ll probably head back to sleep after I brew some chamomile. Maybe I’ll feel less pain after some more rest. Chuckie is already convincing me to go back to bed with his purring.

Open Thread!

Evening Open Thread

Work has been keeping me busy these last couple of days at both work and home. I might make up for it during lunch tomorrow, haven’t played much with my Steam Deck since last week. I put a small video together last night, and tonight I did a little animating. Now I’m just enjoying some matcha before calling it a night. The next few weeks of work are going to demand my A Game.

Open Thread!

Silent As The Night

Made it out of the Mausoleum tonight! Also have one foot through the graveyard already taken care of for next time. I enjoyed playing this while enjoying a cherry blossom field candle and cherry blossom tea. I need a little bit of those spring vibes to help counter the darkness. I’m thinking I’ll shift back to playing some more Kena tomorrow; maybe conquer more of the new area I discovered, also Photo Mode. 😛 Speaking of Photos…

November Video Schedule

Videos will start rolling out again beginning this Friday:

  • 11/17: Venturing Into The Dew (Whisker Squadron Survivor Gameplay Only)
  • 11/21: That Time We Played Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (Gameplay Only)
  • 11/27: A Perfectly Normal Set Of Skyrim Clips (Gameplay Only)
  • 11/30: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: Season Finale (Gameplay, with an animated ending!)

Animated works are in the pipeline, but probably won’t be seen until after the new year. 🙂

Your Overlord Sez: Stay Tuned!

Stealthy Sunday: TO THE MAUSOLEUM!!!

Made it to the Mausoleum of the Fallen tonight… forgot how much of a pain this area is. I’ve managed to knock out half of the light barriers, plus I did some exploring in areas I wasn’t supposed to. 😛 At the beginning of the Mausoleum level there’s a gap you can shadow jump to, and it leads to outside of the level where you’ll find an open forest that doesn’t have much..

I was a bit stabbier during this session, but they’ve all been stealth kills. I also picked up the ability to send dead bodies to the shadow realm. Figured for a first full playthrough I can afford to be a tiny bit chaotic. I am an Overlord after all. :v For more pics from tonight’s adventure feel free to venture over to yonder Mastodon.

Gloom and Bloom

The lack of sunlight today made me crave some Kena: Bridge of Spirits. I made it to the ruins, cleaned a shrine, won a couple skirmishes, and purified part of the land. Even managed to kill three monsters with an arrow! The small, colorful escape was needed after a week of what felt like grey.

The passing of one friend, and trying to ease the depression of another friend and not knowing what to do have been on my mind all week. After some fun and rest I can recollect myself for a weekend of recovery. I have all kinds of plans ahead of me? What ones? ALL OF THEM. Need to get started on the holiday related bullshit for friends and fam.

Brutal Victory

Accomplished about half an hour of digital headbanging and tower defense. I’m already looking forward to the end of my work week; been a long return from vacation.

In brighter news; I’ll be releasing videos starting next Friday. All of them are gameplay, but at the end of the month I have one with a fun animation I worked on! I might post a schedule when I have more energy.

For now it’s Rest O’ Clock.