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The Mind Of OverlordTomala

Some Kind Of Wonderful

Ah, The Wonderful 101. I remember trying to play it a couple years ago but ended up raging when I couldn’t quite hit the sweet spot on my Steam Controller. I played it on my Steam Deck and it went a lot better.

The Wonderful 101 is definitely one of the more, different hack n slash/brawler types. You mainly play as Wonder Red, and you can round up/rescue citizens to temporarily become Wonderfuls that fight along side you. The more people in your army, the more powerful you are. Now that I have a better idea of what I’m doing I’ll have to see if I can tweak the Steam Controller to respond more like an analog stick… either that or switch to one of my other controllers, assuming they even work. 😛

The Only Good Nazi Is A Dead Nazi

I felt like playing a BloodRayne game today, but it almost didn’t pan out that way. I tried to play Chapter 13 of BloodRayne Betrayal, but didn’t have the patience for the acrobatics for crossing a gap. Then I thought about BloodRayne 2 but remembered I’m still pissed off at that one too. So I went with the original, and that worked out ok.

I murdered a bunch of Nazis and took out a couple of leaders, killing Nazis is something I never grow tired of… especially in current times where more and more asshats have become comfortable in their bigotry and fascism.It was kinda funny returning to this after playing more modern titles lately, like HZD or Control. I never played any of the BloodRayne games when they came out, but I can feel the nostalgia from the graphics alone, the same kind of vibes I get when playing the old school Quake games or Max Payne. You can feel the era in the audio and the visuals. The more modern, cinematic games have been incredible. But older games still have their charm if you know where to look.

Sunday Evening Open Thread: End Of An Era

It’s hard to believe… after all these years I’ve FINALLY made it through all of my Skyrim footage! Today I said farewell to the last of the video footage for Skyrim, truly the end of its 2K res era. I still have some footage from other games to trudge through, but by and large I’m pretty much ready to start more recordings. It might be time to contemplate what would be good to stream, other than Skyrim. 😛

I would consider Horizon Zero Dawn, but even streaming to another system seems to be a bit demanding, even on my setup. It seems to perform fine until I enter areas with a bunch of foliage. Oh well, more excuses to experiment!

Promoted To Chieftain!

Ah, another Saturday Evening lost to the digital elements of Horizon Zero Dawn. I’m nearing the tail end of the Frozen Wilds DLC – if I had more energy I’d stay up and finish it, but my mind is ready to wind down. Hard to believe I’ve broken 102 hours so far, almost leveled to 55 and over halfway through trophy/achievement hunting.

I’ve had my fair share of Playstation Cinema tonight. I’ll probably play around with some video footage tomorrow from my Skyrim collection. I haven’t really messed with any footage since early in the week… I’ve actually been enjoying my game library. 😛


Played the evening away in Portal Revolution! Had to stop playing juuuuuuust as the story was getting interesting.

I made a new friend (not the mannequin), and am now making my way through old school aperture. Having to turn the power on and off in a couple of the test chambers was an interesting touch. Plus I just started using excursion funnels! I wish they used those more in Portal 2 proper… but at least we have mods brought to us by the creative ingenuity of others. If I had more time tonight I would probably finish it, but alas… work beckons in the morning.

She Went That-A-Way

Today I continued my adventures in the Frozen Wilds. I’m not sure if we’ll make it out to Yellowstone this year, but on the off chance we don’t I can at least visit it in an alternate universe. I completed a few quests and made it to Level 51, also collected all of the Banuk carvings around Yellowstone. Next time I visit Montana Recreations I’ll be able to hand off the last figure for some swag.

Meanwhile: In The Forgotten Realms Of My Hard Drives

Making my way through the Skyrim footage from 2020. So far I’m only finding little bits and bobs, though I’ve only been through just one of the streams so far.Not enough to really make a video of it, but I do still have about 8 other Skyrim videos from 2020 to go through, so I may yet have at least one last hurrah of Skyrim footage… until I play the game in 4K anyway. :v

Land Of Electrical Boogaloo

Another weekend has come and gone. Sometimes just two days off in a row doesn’t seem like enough, but I think I’m mentally ready to head back into work tomorrow. Last week left me with both emotional and physical fatigue that I won’t go in depth talking about, but I hope this week will. Hunting bandits and machines has helped get my mind off of things, if only for a small time. I spent the last bit of my evening wandering the frozen wilds. Went up a couple of levels and completed quite a few sidequests.

I had the pleasure of repairing a Tallneck, and then climbing it. Then I also had fun taking out a settlement of bandits. I’ll probably take a break from it for now, been fun playing this over the weekend, but I’ll probably move onto something else tomorrow.

Rainbow Hawk Of The Lodge

It’s been a cozy weekend. Woke up to a fog that matched the fog in my head from a weeks worth of physical and mental fatigue. Certain thoughts keep returning to me, and I’ve been trying to aid them with distraction. I’m sure you can guess what some of those distractions might be. Either way, Aloy is now a proud member of the Hunting Lodge after helping to take down Redmaw. Called it a night when I found a new corrupted zone. I’ll probably pick back up on it tomorrow after taking care of some stuff.