Welcome To Party Church!

It’s still in the WIP stage, but after some scouting around between different maps and whole models of buildings I think I’ve found a proper candidate to build another stage! I don’t have big plans for it at the moment, other than for it to be a backdrop. But I’m rather certain Yutram and I will return here for other occasions.

Playtime Is Over

This is going to take a little time to animate, it’s one of the bigger scenes in the next video. I’m not entirely sure how we got roped into babysitting these characters, but I think they may or may not have come with the house.

Early Morning Open Thread

I’ve been enjoying some Spyro, and a little Source Filmmaker among other things to try and stay awake. They’re flipping me to graveyard for most of the week. My voice has been feeling a little raw today, hopefully it’s just from fatigue. I wanted to record some voice lines tonight, but it just feels like I’m croaking. In fact I think I might croak in bed soon… Maybe play a little Spyro from the comfort of bed.

Gotta love controllers.

Therapeutic Anti Stress Melon?

Apparently I’ve built a reputation at work. Anytime a watermelon product comes in now random people that range from people I’ve worked with to people I barely know will pull me aside to show me watermelon related collectables. This little one was brought to my attention yesterday, and for about five bucks I decided a lavender scented melon wedge. I’ve never seen watermelon products in the winter… at least locally. Where the seven layers of party dip is this sudden trend of watermelon coming from? I’m still trying to figure out why it’s lavender scented. Then again there were alternative options that I could have purchased which include a cactus, avocado (fuck the avocado, but seriously don’t fuck the avocado) and french fries which carry the same scent of flowers.

I might try microwaving it a bit tonight before bed. The scent alone lulled me to sleep last night upon going horizontal, either that or the entire two hours of sleep I had before going to work at 3 AM to work may have had a slight influence.

The Stages Have Been Set

The stage has been set for the next video, and dialogue has been imported and chopped for proper animation. This time around we have another guest on our couch, and I can’t remember how but we settled on him being The Stig from Top Gear. I’ve also set the stage for a scene in another map too, but I ran out of time tonight to refine the model poses, so they’ll have to remain T-Posed until tomorrow. I’ve got a long early day tomorrow (3am) and I really need to think about doing the sleep thing.

All Aboard The Party Bus!

This is going to be a vehicle for a small scene I’m working on. I’m not finished building it up to satisfaction but this is supposed to be a party bus, kinda sorta based off of an adventure we had in Garry’s Mod years ago involving a party bus that would take us to a magical place called “party church”. back in the days when Yutram used to give guided tours in the party bus along the Quebec side of GMod.

This was basically a digital new year’s party we held back in 2015… hard to believe it’s been so long. We had Fireworks, dancing, party church, music that surprisingly didn’t get copyrighted. Such innocent…ish times.

Evening Open Thread

Not much to write. I forced myself to wake before 10am, made a good breakfast, did some housework and then exported some desired audio to begin animating! Also preparing an SFM holiday photo that will probably become an avatar when the time comes, just had an idea for an alternative pose but it will have to wait until tomorrow at the soonest. I’ll reveal it when the time comes. Hopefully everyone else is having a good day/night.

Open Thread!

If I Were Smart I’d Be Asleep

Buuuuuut I’m not. I overslept this morning due to a combination of rain, nausea and muscle pain. I’m feeling even better tonight as a result, but I should try to get my body dialed back into a proper sleep pattern for Tuesday. It’s been fun, but I have to get ready to face the real world. Make my final preparations tomorrow for work, project preparations for my next disasterpiece and maybe fool around a little in a game if I have the time.

I already began slicing up video footage taken from my one and only Crash Bandicoot livestream. Two hours cut down into almost seven minutes, and it will probably go down further as I remove unnecessary audio gaps. It looks like there will be quite a bit to animate in this project too, about two and a half minutes worth, though again I’m sure as I work through it the duration will decrease. With the lack of videos I’ve put out this year I’m probably not going to do anything special for New Years, and I’m uncertain if I’ll have anything done on time for Christmas (this part of the year is always so freaking busy). So I wouldn’t anticipate any videos anytime soon, unless I break down and do a different kind of video like a tutorial or something Linux related. I’ve been wanting to make a few Linux related things, but I’m not entirely sure how to go about dipping my toe into that end of the pool. I’ve been watching other Linux YouTubers just to get an idea of what to do/not do.

I did break a bit this evening for a couple games. Progressed a little in Dust: An Elysian Tail, and then played some Serious Sam 4 with Yutram with tons of destruction and achievements galore.

On a more random note (as if the rest of this post wasn’t enough) if anyone is interested in trying different tea blends I tried a combo of Sweet Watermelon Tea mixed with Jasmine Pearl Green Tea, it’ like drinking a blooming watermelon! Keeps it’s flavor for quite a few brews too. I’m sipping it before bed hoping for sweet melon dreams.