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Beware The Easter Githyanki Eggs

Find the source of all RGB

Happy Easter, and Happy Trans Visibility Day! Or it was… it’s evening now at the time of writing this. Still, a perfect reason to play Baldur’s Gate 3! I mean you do find eggs in the game, sometimes… and we’re both currently playing as Trans characters, so maybe every weekend is Trans-Easter? I just confused myself…

There were many surprises waiting for us in the Creche. We spoke to a Queen that betrayed us and fought many Githyanki. Next time we play we’ll have to find some Ceremonial Artifacts, and probably battle more Githyanki in the process.

This Game Is On Fire

It was another productive day. Got off work and continued spring cleaning the desk area, and then rewarded myself with a bit of Kena while enjoying the scent of cherry blossoms and sipping blueberry green tea on a comfortable spring evening. I only played for about an hour, but I covered quite a bit of ground. Found a few more Rot, cleansed a couple areas and explored new found territory with even more to uncover on a future session.

I was going to do some animating tonight, but after spending most of the day on my feet between work and tidying I opted to futz about instead. It’s my weekend now after all, and anything is possible… except finishing a game in March. Oh well, at least I had plenty of adventures along the way with plenty more on the horizon!

Flying Air Overlord

Made two perfect runs tonight in Whisker Squadron Survivor! Even with the cursed choices I had to select during the run I still managed to make it through every zone, twice! Maybe one of these nights I’ll Twitch stream it! I was looking at additional Twitch plugins and I see that it has one for Whisker Squadron Survivor that allows the audience to choose my fate, when prompted of course.

I didn’t have time to do anything adventurous gaming tonight, been continuing my spring cleaning session. This time I cleared the upper part of my desk. I’ll probably clean the rest of the desk tomorrow, it has a lot of surface area to clean. That and reorganizing… I was looking at the collection of software I’ve accumulated over the years, and some of it I see no reason in keeping anymore. Programs like Adobe and older stuff that I have no reason to use anymore, thanks to better and more modern Open Source alternatives. Those will have to wait for another day, much like what remains on what feels like an infinite to-do list. At least I’m never bored tho. 😛

Would You Look At The Time

Another evening, another hour of Alice. I just couldn’t keep away. I wanted to fight the Mad Hatter tonight, but only had time to deal with his goons.

Still… I’m a level closer to finishing it, and with the series being dead after Madness Returns I have no problems savoring this one like a fine wine. Time to shelve it for now, and pick a different distraction tomorrow night.

An Hour Of Alice


Made it a couple levels further!I got abducted by The Mad Hatter, and now I have to find him and kick his ass. I did manage to find a deadly game of jacks. It made taking down new enemies really entertaining, you just have to make sure never to play with them alone… for reasons. I might pick up on it again tomorrow, have to call it an early night. At least I got some more animation done. 🙂 Will probably work more on that after work tomorrow as well.

Keeping Spirits Up

Tonight’s Kena session was more therapeutic than I expected it to be. I only did the trials, but after beating up and shooting enough demons I got a cool outfit out of it! So far I’ve only cleared one out of the three requirements for the trial: no healing. Now I just need to finish the trial in under two minutes and clear it with zero damage. I came close on the latter, but failed towards the end when a demon biffed me into the ground.

The evening was better enhanced with proper mood lighting, and a new green cherry blossom tea! For being all natural it has a lovely sweetness. It’s very clean tasting, and a good mix of matcha and loose leaf. When I pour the tea it’s so green that it can even be seen in a black mug. I might have to use it as a base for milk tea some time! I also ordered a black cherry blossom to try on a day when I need the additional caffeine.

Hopefully this all clears my head. Every other night I keep having dreams about being late for work. I really need to get away for awhile.

The Deadly Trinity

Trinity Fusion was one of the games I had fun with during Steam Nextfest last year, enough that I ended up buying it.Of course, in my usual fashion I lost sight of it while juggling bunches of other games. But now I’m actually making time for it!

Trinity Fusion is a rougelike/metroidvania combo, though more roguelike than metroidvania – that takes place across three different parallel worlds. You play Maya, and you are connected to your three alternate selves, each with their own special set of abilities.

It’s just as well that I’ve chosen to take my time with this one, as the reviews say that it’s actually a short game. I am happy to support an indie company though, and it does have good battle mechanics. Plus it’s also verified for Steam Deck! I’ll have to load it onto my Deck for some lunch time brawling.

Fun & Fantasy

Sunday is always my recharge day, and I needed it. An orange kitty made sure I got plenty of rest, and I treated myself to a breakfast bowl with ingredients from last night’s dinner. We had our usual weekend BG3 sesh! We defeated a Witchy Biznitch and are currently making our way to a monastery. We fought some explosives drunks and demon cats along the way.

I also made time to do a little bit of animating this afternoon. I haven’t touched SFM for about a week, needed to scratch that animators itch. It’ll still be awhile, but I think I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on this one… maybe after another week or two. I’m planning to release it next month, so no rush. I might even put in a little more time before calling it a night. The more I pour into it, the less I’ll have to do later.

The Rot Fam Continues To Grow

Finally made it to my weekend, and not a moment too soon. The last bit of my work day was hectic, and I’ll need at least a couple days to wash away the corporate stupidity so I can make room for even more. Treated myself to some alone time on the couch with Kena on the big screen! I finished getting all the collectables and even made myself some homemade comfort food. There was plenty of tea, wine and detoxing after a rough day.

I’ll probably give Kena a break for now. I’ve had a good few days to clear a few areas, and even advance the plot! Now it’s time to give myself some much needed rest to prepare for a rainy weekend of infinite possibilities.

You’ve Got Spirit Mail

My motion sickness went away, but I’ve felt pretty dead and shaky for most of the day. Got comfortable the moment I got home, and continued my spiritual journey if only to prevent myself from napping (yeah, that’s the ticket). I collected everything in The Forgotten Forest, and I’ve parked Kena at Rusu Mountain for now. I also delivered some spirit mail back to the village and opened a couple new areas for next time. Not sure if I’ll continue tomorrow or if I’ll go on a different journey as part of my weekend getaway. So far I’m glad to be making a bit of progress, night by night and bit by bit.