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The Mind Of OverlordTomala

The Rot Fam Continues To Grow

Finally made it to my weekend, and not a moment too soon. The last bit of my work day was hectic, and I’ll need at least a couple days to wash away the corporate stupidity so I can make room for even more. Treated myself to some alone time on the couch with Kena on the big screen! I finished getting all the collectables and even made myself some homemade comfort food. There was plenty of tea, wine and detoxing after a rough day.

I’ll probably give Kena a break for now. I’ve had a good few days to clear a few areas, and even advance the plot! Now it’s time to give myself some much needed rest to prepare for a rainy weekend of infinite possibilities.

You’ve Got Spirit Mail

My motion sickness went away, but I’ve felt pretty dead and shaky for most of the day. Got comfortable the moment I got home, and continued my spiritual journey if only to prevent myself from napping (yeah, that’s the ticket). I collected everything in The Forgotten Forest, and I’ve parked Kena at Rusu Mountain for now. I also delivered some spirit mail back to the village and opened a couple new areas for next time. Not sure if I’ll continue tomorrow or if I’ll go on a different journey as part of my weekend getaway. So far I’m glad to be making a bit of progress, night by night and bit by bit.

Unplanned Downtime

Last night I updated one of my plugins before powering myself off for the evening, only to notice today that there was no website! Did some detective work and it happened to be one of the plugins that got updated. Fortunately it’s one I haven’t used in awhile for polling. so I’ve since removed it. As it is I’ve already used Mastodon a couple times for user polling on certain subjects, and I get a good outcome each time I’ve made a poll.

Anyways, we’re back!

Evening Open Thread

My plans to continue spring cleaning were thwarted by pain and dizziness. I survived the work day but really felt it coming on when I got home. I’ve been sipping tea and doing a bit of achievement hunting in Trine, and even checked out a little bit of Trine 2 before it crashed on me. Great to play to avoid motion sickness at least.

Still feeling a bit under the weather even now. Fortunately, I can use that to my advantage to get to sleep on time. I’ve been fighting the urge to nap since getting home.

We All Float Up Here

It was another successful day of spring cleaning. Dusted another area, and got my cups and bowls sorted. Now I can access them with ease AND they’re all in a more elegant spot. Then as it got dark I got a little more comfortable with Kena, some cherry blossom tea, and a candle to match. This time I decided to return to The Forgotten Forest to find what I missed during my first visit. So far I’ve managed to find a hat, a meditation spot and a few Rot. Already left a future note for myself in case another game distracts me… with my library you never know! 😛

Some Zen and Spring Cleaning

My first act of spring cleaning was to do a little bit of dusting. I tried washing a wall, but the lighting in here was too terrible for me to want to do it efficiently. Instead I cleaned a five tier shelf of mine that I keep a bunch of random odds and ends on, but after thinking about it I’m thinking of storing my Asian tea cups and bowls on them since they would match the shelving perfectly. That will probably be my after work project tomorrow. I don’t really have a dedicated place for storing all of them, and it might be a good idea to change that so I can better organize.

After the cleaning of my shelves as well as myself it was time for a little bit of play after a day of work. So I wandered the forests of Kena: Bridge of Spirits and tried to remember what I was trying to do. Instead I hunted down a missing Rot in the Taro’s Tree area. It might be a good idea to make some time for this again tomorrow night, something about drinking tea and enjoying the scenery is nice after a long day.

The Nitty Gritty

Today was a productive day for getting some animation done AND progressing through a dark and twisted Wonderland! The Centipede Boss Battle was more annoying than it should have been, the hitbox for defeating him was tinier than Hank Hill’s Urethra.

Stopping in the Red Queen’s Kingdom for the night… just in time for a failed rescue attempt! We’ll see how that unfolds next time I make it in to play. I’ve focused enough on retro for the last few days thanks to Tomb Raider. This week I’m going to be giving some other games attention, and taking a break from animation and video editing. I have plenty of other things to focus on this week. Was thinking of getting started on some spring cleaning after work tomorrow. The dust is at a point where I feel like I need to do something, it’ll make game time a little more rewarding tomorrow night. Not sure if I’ll pick up Toren again, or maybe pick a Metroidvania… decisions, decisions.

St. Pat’s Open Thread

Hope everyone had a nice St. Pat’s (if you celebrate). I made an Irish Breakfast Bowl with some quinoa, a sunny side up egg, some shrooms and tomatoes and of course some sausage and bacons. It powered me through a nice self care day, you gotta take care of yourself before you can take care of anything else is what I’ve learned over the years. Played a bit more of Tomb Raider before doing a Baldur’s Gate 3 co-op sesh.

With all this rest and self care out of the way I’ll probably do a little reading before I conjure some spells on my tablet. I recently updated the linux kernel on my Surface Pro and now it doesn’t play nice when I send it into Standby mode. Rolling it back to the previous version is easy, but I still need to install the necessary headers so that it functions as a tablet again. I should also look and see if there are any linux distros that have the surface drivers pre-installed. It would be nice after all this time to have the drivers officially added without having to install an additional repo. It is slightly annoying having to update gpg signatures whenever an update is required.

Into The Underdarkness

As the sun set on another lovely lighted day, we ventured into The Underdark and completed a quest as well as a BBQ with a couple of Minotaurs. We’ve since gone topside, did some looting and called it a night. We’re planning to continue the adventure tomorrow, as is the current weekend tradition Yutram and I have decided to take on. It was a wonderful evening of Pizza and Magic that we both shared between two countries. Now it’s only a matter of time before the Watermelon Oolong Tea wears off and allows me to enter sleep mode.

Today Was Alright

Work was alright, and after work was even better when a friend and I went out to the local tea shop to enjoy some boba tea and Japanese food! It was my turn to pay this time, but he managed to surprise me with a Metal Gear shirt! Early Birthday present and all that. Took the evening off from working on any projects and just chilled with more totally normal Tomb Raider. Made it into Egypt before calling it a night. All in all it was a good day! I only wish it was my Friday… but I have that to look forward to tomorrow at least!