The Mind Of OverlordTomala

Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Well, tomorrow I return to reality… The tea is prepped and my clothes are at the ready! But it was nice to get away from it all for awhile, I needed it. I feel like I have enough energy to make it to the Weekend, which is just a few days away for me. :v

I didn’t go anywhere fancy, and I didn’t even get to finish my games or finish my video! But it was nice to just relax, get some things done around the house and let my body rest a little. I might take some time off again next month, but just a smaller bit. I’ve racked up a lot of time that I haven’t used over the years and my body is telling me to have a little fun!

Where Lord of the Rings Meets Spinal Tap

I have a problem. I want to play games on my 4K Desktop, but when I go through my library my eyes have been landing games that make me think “This would be fun to play on my Steam Deck…” dammit!

Eddie meets his welcoming crew.

One thing I did find interesting about launching Brutal Legend on Steam Deck was that it launched with Proton instead of the native Linux build. For the heck of it I launched the native build, and it seemed alright apart from teleporting NPC’s in a couple of cutscenes, and it was getting a nice solid 30FPS. Not bad I’d say, right? Then I replayed the first chapter again through Proton and there were no teleporting models AND the framerate doubled! Translating it from Direct3D 9 to Vulkan instead of using the native OpenGL build seems to give it a nice boost! Pretty interesting since I’ve played this before under regular Linux desktop, that was quite awhile ago though.

Some guitar magic.

Maybe now I’ll actually finish this title! It supports cloud saves, that seems to be helping me in between devices.

Booty Quake!

A couple nights ago I learned the art of Booty Quakin’! I’ve been making another lap around the entire island, still finding things that have yet to be found until finding them.

Aside from uncovering gems and abilities, I’ve also been tasked with finding buried statues with my new found power. That always seems to be the appeal with any of the Metroidvanias I’ve played thus far; you learn new things and then you get to go allll over the world again to find all the things that were juuuuust out of reach from you before.

I almost opened up Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon on my Deck, but slapped my hand and continued onward through Seven Sirens. It makes sense for me to continue while I still remember all the controls. Maybe if I get stuck at a certain point.

Suddenly Wonderlands

Sat down tonight for a surprise game of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands! We leveled up a couple of times, and did a few sidequests.

While I’ve been digging the game so far, this game shits loot out at any given crevasse when given the opportunity.We’re constantly going “shopping” to sell tons of loot that was shit out from two different characters. Also, for some reason, I notice the purple and blue weapons will sometimes have really shit stats. Even if the weapon is a higher level it doesn’t mean anything. Another complaint I have is when getting knocked down in the game it doesn’t really go out of the way to alert your friends around you. We’re usually too busy trying to survive to voice out for help and then we respawn. Other than that the game has been loads of fun!

Late Night Open Thread

More efforts were made this morning to purge my wardrobe! After getting rid of a bunch of things I’ve rediscovered the things I really like! I think I’ve found a better way to organize most of it for easy reach, especially my work clothes.

I’ve also been helping some friends get into the world of PC Gaming! I spent the afternoon getting their computer ready for them, getting their graphics settings up to spec, set them up with some cool demos and mods. They mainly play on XBox, in fact they were mesmerized when I plugged their controller into their computer and showed them that yes, you can play on PC with a controller. I also set them up with some freebies like OBS, Shotcut and a couple others. We’re waiting for the monitor to come in, and then it’ll all be in their hands.

Other than there, a little bit of Shantae on Steam Deck! Going to get cozy and play a little before calling it quits. It takes energy being a fashionable gamer… :v

Revival Dance!

If you haven’t been following my Mastodon feed – I’ve been plinking away at Shantae and the Seven Sirens for the last few days. It’s really easy to pick up on and put down, especially on Deck. The weather has been great these last few days, and it’s nice to go out and get a little fresh air while getting some achievements in. Aside from game to my heart’s content I did do a little more spring cleaning, this time through the wardrobe. I have a modest bag of things to donate, plus I got rid of any raggy looking items. I still have a few other things to go through, but I probably won’t be throwing away much else in terms of clothing. I’ve also been continuing the purging of my tea collection, though I’m not sure if it counts if I’m drinking it!

Maybe if I plink away a bit more at this game a little before bed I’ll play something else tomorrow… or be empowered enough to continue.

Steam Deck vs the Asus ROG Ally: Pros and Cons

The Steam Deck is finally getting some interesting competition! Asus is coming out with their own PC Gaming Handheld for their Republic Of Gamers line, and it actually looks pretty interesting!

It boasts a Full HD 1080p 120hz display, whereas the Steam Deck is 1280x800p 60hz. It’s a little bit thinner, the analog joysticks look more similar to the Nintendo Switch in terms of placement and it has a small bit of RGB going on for it! It’s also missing the trackpads and two back buttons, meaning that if you were to choose between the two PC’s you’d have to choose between Screen Res and Refresh Rate, or buttons and more customization.

As much as I like the more updated screen I like the Steam Deck for its customization, the track-pads make for great touch menus, and in FPS games I tend to favor the right trackpad, although I am learning how to play with the right stick with the gyro enabled. Still, it’s nice to see other variations being made!

It’ll be interesting to see what the cost will be at launch.