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The Mind Of OverlordTomala

Gloom and Bloom

The lack of sunlight today made me crave some Kena: Bridge of Spirits. I made it to the ruins, cleaned a shrine, won a couple skirmishes, and purified part of the land. Even managed to kill three monsters with an arrow! The small, colorful escape was needed after a week of what felt like grey.

The passing of one friend, and trying to ease the depression of another friend and not knowing what to do have been on my mind all week. After some fun and rest I can recollect myself for a weekend of recovery. I have all kinds of plans ahead of me? What ones? ALL OF THEM. Need to get started on the holiday related bullshit for friends and fam.

Brutal Victory

Accomplished about half an hour of digital headbanging and tower defense. I’m already looking forward to the end of my work week; been a long return from vacation.

In brighter news; I’ll be releasing videos starting next Friday. All of them are gameplay, but at the end of the month I have one with a fun animation I worked on! I might post a schedule when I have more energy.

For now it’s Rest O’ Clock.

Fondling My Deck For An Hour

Chilled this evening with a little bit of Dust: An Elysian Tail on my Steam Deck. I’m currently sitting at 78% completion. Found a chest, a couple keys and some red moss tonight. Also managed to complete a couple quests, good way to kill an hour.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to upgrade to the new Steam Deck or not; the hardware upgrades are good, but the refresh rate isn’t enough for me to really consider it for that. The only thing that makes it tempting for me is the 1TB edition, and the improved battery power… but with my luck they’ll probably release a 120hz model next year with even better features, like cooling when playing 3D intensive games. When I use my Steam Deck I’m always within an area to charge it when I need to, and with what I’ve played on it I get a gaming laptop’s worth or better in battery power, which is enough for me.

Quakin’ It

Playing DOOM in Portal 2 the other night set me in the mood to check out the remastered version of Old School Quake, even got some achieve-o’s after a long day. I’m three levels into the first episode. I do like some of the accessibility features, like contrast, and disabling bobbing.

On another note: I read today that The Two Johns are reuniting for DOOM’s 30th Anniversary! Hard to believe it’s been that long… I feel old.

Goodbye To Yesterday

Today started like any other day of reprieve. I wake up, scratch an orange cat’s ears as he sleeps at my bedside, turn my tablet on and read the many goings on in the world. Then I get my headphones out and listen to one of my fave podcasts while making myself the last of many fine breakfasts that I make when I’m not going anywhere, (til the next weekend anyway). Prepared my work belongings for tomorrow, make the ol’ shopping list among other things. Then I heard this afternoon that a good friend of the family passed away.

He was one of the first people we met when we moved down to Oregon waaaaaaay back in the 90’s. I don’t know the full specifics, other than they let him out of the hospital saying he was fine, and that he had family by his side when he went. Memories have been flooding in and out of my head all day, a few decades worth. Memories of fireworks, BBQ’s, interesting stories he’d tell. We had LAN parties when he visited and played all kinds of games like Quake III, TF2, L4D2…. He almost always brought jerky or sausage with him, and held no qualms about sharing his recipes with us when he visited. He will be greatly missed, and never forgotten.

This wasn’t the note I wanted to end my vacation on, and I’m sure these intruding memories will probably appear when I’m at work tomorrow. But then again there never really is a good time for loved ones to go… is there?

We Portaled To Another World!

The Companion Cube plays DOOM.

Went venturing on the Portal 2 Steam Workshop tonight for some scientific fun! We played through a few different chambers, but E1M1 from the original DOOM was my highlight of the evening.

Interesting having to play it without any zombies or weapons. The enemies have been swapped out with Turrets, and you can even adjust the difficulty.

We played on nightmare mode on the first try. It was tough, but we made it through after a few thousand turret related deaths. It should make for some fun footage once I get around to looking at it. 🙂

It was a nice game to end the evening on. Tomorrow is my last day of reprieve, and I’ve both enjoyed and appreciated the relaxation, time off and peace that I’ll probably lose within the first couple hours of returning come Tuesday morning. Oh well… I needed the break.

I ALWAYS need the break.

Dusting Off Dust

Today when I woke up to gray and rainy weather, all warm in nice clean bedding. I opened up my tablet to do some cozy in bed reading, only to find there was no internet. I managed to survive the six hour outage by doing other things. A little more tidying, some animation and even prepping a video.

Other than that I’ve been playing through Dust: An Elysian Tail on my Steam Deck. Started at 68% completion tonight and left it at 72%. Survived a boss battle and found a bunch of keys and several chests that may or may not have contained a bunch of hot dogs, and maybe a blue print (not for making hot dogs). The scenery matched today’s weather, and chillin’ on the Steam Deck brought back old school rainy day Game Boy sessions.

Might have to play a little more under the covers. 🙂 It’s supposed to be pissing down for the next few days, may as well get comfortable with my game collection. 🙂

Knockin’ The Dust Off Borderlands 3!

I was sifting through our to-do list of multiplayer games that have yet to be completed, and tonight I was feeling a bit of a pining for the Borderlands. We traveled to Borderlands 3 and managed to complete some quests. It was a fun slay session. We partied and died like Rockstars on the battlefield, over and over again.

Other than that I breezed through some video footage and got some cleaning done. All thanks to the power of a balanced breakfast that may or may not involve bacon.I only have a few days left before I have to return to reality, so I’m doing my best to enjoy myself… even if it means listening to Claptrap a bit.

Back 4 Blood is Better Than Florida

We had rain today! Perfect weather for trying out some of the new blueberry tea I stocked up on! I usually drink a black tea with blueberry, but also decided to try a green tea with blueberry. It also has hibiscus and some other stuff, extremely refreshing!I finished assembling the super secret care package, vibed to some music, did a bit of animating, and played a couple acts of Back 4 Blood with Yutram.

We had a better time getting around tonight, this time there was less dying. We dialed back the difficulty so that we could find our way around better. Did a better job of taking in the sights, and crossed some achievements off our list. I still like the Left 4 Dead’s better, but tonight I think Back 4 Blood grew on me a little bit more.