The Mind Of OverlordTomala

Bearth Day Open Thread

Still lovin’ vacation lyfe! Went on a bit of a roadtrip involving amazing burgers and fresh air, opened awesome presents that I’ll need to write about when I’m not sleepy. I’ve been playing a lot of Japanese games lately; yesterday was a Yakuza: Like a Dragon day, and today I completed a couple of missions on MGSV:TPP! I forgot about the birthday wishes Easter egg, and was reminded after rescuing a prisoner. I’ve also been having fun planting C4 Stuffed animals on any COMMS equipment I pass by, makes for a rewarding distraction! 😛

Oh, and I have a new tablet on the way! Should make for a fun experiment!

Today’s Adventures in Breaking My Computer

I played around with Linux today with not much luck. I have a few other things I’d like to try (such as the Manjaro Architect Setup), but decided to study up on Natron a bit for a future project. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite have the effect I’m looking for, so an install of After Effects CS6 is inevitable, and in a way it kinda makes sense using it alongside SFM given they’re both ancient programs at this point. 😛 I was going to experiment in a bit tomorrow to remind myself how to use it, it’s been awhile. 😛 I was also going to upload my new YouTube banner, but found that YouTube is kind of a bag of dicks at properly applying it even when I follow the specified resolution recommendations, meaning it has been shelved until I’m less pissed off to work on it again.

I’ve also been doing some research on tablet PC’s. I’m revisiting the idea of buying a tablet to put Linux on it, and my desire is increasing with every annoying update on my Fire HD8. So far the most popular tablets for Linux are oddly Microsoft Surfaces, and if I were to consider that route I’d have to go with a Pro series; Fuck the Surface RT.

I ended the evening with a little bit of MGSV:TPP. Trying to do the Over The Fence mission, and I keep having to restart from a checkpoint after getting caught. I completed that mission before on an old save, but it’s looking like my head is a little rusty from my previous adventures.

Vacation Mode Engaged

I would have written something sooner but I’ve been pretty much chilling since Saturday, relaxing my muscles and putting my new GPU to work! I’ve also been working on a new YouTube banner for my channel in between game sessions. I played a bit of the newest Yakuza on Saturday, along with some uncapped MGSV and Control. I’m really happy with the performance! Obduction is even tolerable now!

I needed a little time off. I’m already feeling some long missing energy return, as well as some vampiric nights ahead of me. 😛

Evening Open Thread

I don’t have much to write about. Between the last few days of work and some of my project work I’m pretty beat. I’ll have a video to release this weekend! I’m already prepping the second project, and it’s looking like I might be able to get at least two videos out of it. I spent the last hour chopping up video footage, and the new project has about 18 minutes total of content to work with, and currently about 3 minutes worth of animation out of it from the dialogue. This one will take me awhile to do, if I’m lucky I’ll be able to deploy something by October. Much like the last couple of videos I want to experiment with some new techniques that might require learning another piece of software.

The things I do to my brain for entertainment. 😛

Dear Esther: Multiplayer

I’ve been doing a good job breaking in the new GPU! Yutram and I went on some GMod adventuring yesterday; we traveled from Dear Esther to China, it was the most fun I had playing Dear Esther.

I’ve installed some watermelon themed mods onto the main sandbox server, one of those mods is a virus that infects both NPC’s and players. If one of these bouncing melons is absorbed into a victim they will eventually turn green and explode into watermelons; thus multiplying until no one but watermelons remain. Fortunately we contained the virus where no one will ever look; a random hole in Dear Esther (or as Yutram calls it: Scotland).

Yutram also took us on a cruise in his jumbo jet boat.

Dear Esther is a already a scenic experience, but something about adventuring this place with a friend makes it better.

I also upgraded my flashlight. 😛

We ended the night by visiting the watermelon petting zoo at a Chinese temple. What a perfect ending to a perfect day!

What I’ve Learned About Masks & Allergies


(Note: Not my art.)

When I was a kid I remember having seasonal allergies every spring and fall, though back then when I didn’t understand allergies I always thought I was just sick all the time. When I was first introduced to allergy medicine I was happy to be able to breathe! what I didn’t know was the side effects for being able to breathe. I always wondered why I was so tired afterwards, and years later I found it was the allergy medicine that kept knocking me out, or it would make me feel loopy. Within the last year I’ve almost completely stopped taking antihistamines, and the only thing I’ve done differently is wear a mask everyday. It makes me wish masks were a thing when I was little, it would have been nice to breathe without feeling like I’ve been doped up to the point of wanting to hibernate all spring, and I do like ninjas so it would have worked out. 😛

I have to walk by a wall of flowers every morning, and around this time of year it usually burns my throat if I don’t hold my breath. Thanks to wearing a mask I just have to endure just the aroma. I remember the Easter lilies were so potent that I would end up in urgent care, but with my mask it isn’t nearly as bad. We should of had them as an option a long time ago, for allergy and flu seasons.

I don’t think masks are a replacement for allergy medicine, but I know for a fact that I’m not spending nearly as much money on it as I used to thanks to wearing them. I think I’ll be wearing them on my outings when the pollen count is high. I’ve only needed one shot of nasal spray, and that was all the way back at the start of March!

Watch Out For This Source Engine Exploit

If for any reason you find yourself playing a multiplayer Source Engine game DO NOT accept any invites from strangers.

Secret Club are a not-for-profit reverse engineering group who’ve found a number of exploits with Valve’s software, which they explain in a series of posts on Twitter. Each of these exploits are remote code execution flaws, which Secret Club told me via email gives a hacker “full control over the victim’s system, which can be used to steal passwords, banking information, and more.”

If what is being reported in the article is true then Valve has been aware of this exploit for two years. This is a serious exploit to have open in the wild, and hopefully the exposure encourages them to get off their duffs to 86 it from their code! Be very careful when playing Source games until this gets resolved.

It’s ironic reading this a day after playing around in GMod with Yutram! Fortunately, it was just the both of us goofing around on maps that would probably be unappealing to twelve year olds Fortnite enthusiasts.

Sunday Noodly Appendage

When I was a kid I loved to have noodles for breakfast, and years later I found that noodles are a staple in Chinese breakfasts. I wanted to do a Chinese brunch this weekend, and it was cool enough that a warm soupy noodle dish would fit the bill. This particular noodle dish uses:

  • Chicken Stock (pretty much any stock will do though)
  • Brown Rice Noodles (any thin noodle will work just as well)
  • Green Onion
  • Bok Choy
  • Shredded Ginger
  • Chopped Garlic
  • Sesame and Chili Oil
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Cilantro and Peanuts (for garnish)
  • Pot Stickers/Chinese Dumplings

I based it on this recipe I found while browsing the interwebz for weekend brunch inspirations, and I’ve always had a soft spot for noodles as they are the ultimate comfort food. I’ve made plenty to easily last me a few days.

To that I say “RAmen”.

Shadow Of The Game Library

I broke down and played something tonight. I wanted to play a game that would really stress test the card, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider delivered. I managed six achievements worth of progress. I did a private livestream with one of my friends. Together we both praised and ridiculed the game for its strengths and weaknesses, solved a puzzle here and there… etc.

I was treated to a drug influenced nightmare sequence that could rival any Max Payne nightmare sequence I could recall from my childhood. Happened just around bedtime too! Time to look at kittens to try and omit the inevitable weird dream that awaits my tired imagination.