The Mind Of OverlordTomala

New Videos Around The Corner

This will be the month that I’ll finally be releasing some content again! A couple Saturday’s from now I will start releasing videos again, a few at least. I’m already working on a small thing for the end of a video for December… of this year and possibly next. In fact there are a couple of projects that I’m looking at right now that probably won’t be seen or heard from until around this time next year, if successful anyway.

Amnesia Sunday

In continuing my spooktacular themed mood I decided to give Amnesia: The Dark Descent another chance. My last play attempt was back in 2015, and it was plagued with control issues. Needless to say I didn’t have that issue this time around, and so far everything has been running perfectly! I just found my way into the wine cellar and I’m trying not to go too insane. I think I’m getting close to the part where the creepy creeps will try to chase me.

Perhaps next week, if I don’t decide to play something else. 😛

Spooktober Gaming!

It’s October! It’s my weekend! It’s time to play some spooky shit, well… at least by Portal 2 standards. I was thinking to myself that I haven’t really played any Portal 2 in awhile, and kinda wondered if there was a good selection of Halloween mods I could download. Surprisingly I found quite a few different maps varying from challenging to interactive shitpost tours.

I’ve only played a few out of the handful that I downloaded from the workshop; they had more than enough content to keep me busy this evening, and plenty more when I can be arsed to return to it. It’s nice to have the holiday option!

I Think I Can… I Think I Can…

This has got to be the longest feeling work week I’ve had in awhile… I’m just glad tomorrow is my Friday.

I’m thinking this weekend is going to be all about relaxing… I’ve only gotten about 6 hours of sleep this week, it takes forever to nod off, and my imagination has been forcing me back to the waking world hours before my alarm even goes off. I haven’t been able to think straight, and I’m not really feeling well. I kinda want to just do nothing but sleep this weekend.

The Last 48 Hours Of Local Stupid

As I mentioned a couple posts up,  a co-worker  died from COVID recently, and so far everything that has unfolded is just like the many other COVID stories I’ve read over the last year. There’s already a GoFundMe in place being organized by her antivax buddies, who still won’t vaccinate even after her “shocking totally unexpected ” death because Jesus or something. In fact, in my grief yesterday I didn’t have time to talk about another interesting thing I learned at work; someone I work with (not recently) went out with COVID while I was on holiday; it’s been  almost a week now apparently, and she has been on the “vaccine is against my religion” warpath like so many others being discussed on a certain reddit, which is totally responsible of her given that, like the other lady, she has kids, and has a few health strikes against her that COVID would have no problems getting acquainted with, if obliged. What happens if she meets the same fate as the other woman? Will that get a GoFundMe too? What if someone else gets it? Is everyone just going to pay for each other’s funeral?

I see it time and time again over at r/HermanCainAward: Asshole posts shitty overposted memes, catches the rona, and then dies, leaving shocked, totally shocked friends and family left to deal with the damage, and creating a GoFundMe for funeral costs and medical bills… much like their stupid ass memes, it is so fucking repetitive that you start to think you’re re-reading threads after awhile.

Why, should I go out of my way to help the very people, who won’t take the necessary precautions to take care of themselves? What about the people they spread it to who’ve actually been trying to take care of themselves, and the people around them? What about kids and infants that have died because of them? What about people with compromised immune systems that have to worry about these asshats that want to sacrifice their souls in exchange for showing off their impressive goatee? For a lot of these asshats claiming to be pro-life, they sure don’t fucking care about anyone else’s.

It’s like trying to get someone to stop self harming themselves with a knife, and having them pull a gun out on you when you ask them to stop, only to ask you to bandage them up when they’re done. Why should we people feel pressured to hand over their hard earned cash for someone who couldn’t be arsed to get a free jab?


Sometimes Life REALLY Isn’t Fair…

I wasn’t going to blog about this, but my first day back at work has left me in a cloud of disappointment and disbelief. It didn’t help that I couldn’t nod off properly last night, but during lunch today I had the misfortune of finding out that a kitten we were going to adopt had been killed in a couch crushing accident, and just a couple hours prior I was telling my work partner that I was expecting him in a couple weeks. He was only about 6 weeks old, and already denied the chance to use his nine lives. 🙁 I had this to stew on for the rest of my lunch break. It was difficult for me to focus on the rest of the day ahead, but I managed to keep my composure apart from some wet eyes. Fortunately I didn’t draw much attention to myself, other than one person but they pretty much left me alone. I’ve been doing my best to try and distract from it this evening, but my eyes keep wandering back to this face…

Morty has always played like a kitten, and Stewie only knows how to play like a dick. I was hoping Morty could try having a proper playmate more his speed. I know there are other cats, but I’ll never get the chance really know him or his personality. 🙁

Always be careful with your pets (if you have any), and remember to love them like no tomorrow.

I Can Finally Say It

I received a phone call this evening from work notifying me of the death of a co-worker, not someone that I work closely with but did see in passing throughout each week. She was quite the Karen, and she’s dead now from COVID. She and her husband are/were antivax, antimask and believed all their problems could be solved by yelling at people they didn’t like on social media and in person! My memories of her consist mainly of bitching about people on Facebook who told her husband to put a mask on and threatening to run them out of town. She left behind young children, and a husband who probably won’t learn from this experience like many of the others I read throughout the internet these days.

May these morons embrace their easily preventable rapture. It sounds heartless, but I’m so fucking sick and tired of people like her clogging up the hospitals in the name of  “medical freedom”. I read about her ilk everyday over at r/HermanCainAward, and it amazes and saddens me how so many of these people are similar from beliefs to appearances all the way down to behaviour and atrocious grammar and spelling. I could go on, but I’m sure I’ll be writing up another one of these in the future. I know a lot of people who are firmly on the Antivax/Jesus is all the protection I need train, and they’re more than willing to throw themselves into a situation that could easily be prevented, but y’know… Murica.

Indies: Only If

I treated myself to a game this weekend… I think? I haven’t played anything in over a week and sifted through my ever expanding games collection when I came upon a game I forgot I obtained a long time ago, and so can anyone else. Only If is a first person puzzle game that isn’t afraid to kick you to the curb. Your name is Anthony, and you’re going to a party to meet a girl named Sam, and you’re such a fucking pansy that your vision fades before even opening the god damned door! Bloody Pratt.

You awake in a bedroom of the house you were too much of a wuss to quite make it into… somehow. There is a door on the right of the anime babe, all ready to engulf you (or Anthony) in Darkness. You find a light shining in a void, as you walk to it the light orb begins to move and you hear someone or something giving chase.

The light orb leads Anthony to a blocked door; he manages to get through, only to be greeted by our antagonist: An angry radio (and probably one of the few good voice actors in the game) that simultaneously threatens, helps and berates you.

You are tasked with choosing a white or black pawn; Taking a white pawn means to sacrifice yourself while taking a black pawn sacrifices Sam (the girl/plot device). You have to complete a puzzle after choosing your desired pawn, and once you succeed you’ll have a key to open the door representing the choice you made with your pawn. Each path is different, and some of the answers to some of the rooms are not what you would expect. Some of the puzzles don’t seem practically solvable without a guide.

If you aren't afraid of spoilers...
I couldn’t even figure out how to get past the first part of the White Pawn portion in the first room where the guy over the radio, “Vinny” is asking you to name something sweet, and if you don’t type the answer you’ll die. I didn’t know I could just type! Supposedly he gives away the typing bit over the radio but it sounded unintelligible to me.

It’s far from perfect, but for the price and the year this came out I can’t really complain too much. I need to fiddle around with it a bit more before doing one final review of it, but I can at least say that if you have an expendable amount of time you want to waste, and a computer 15 years of age you should set some time aside to check a look at this artistic brain rot. If anything it’s an artful time waster.

Vacation Day 13: Vacation Recovery

Today my body reminded me that it has anger issues with me. Having been traveling my diet consisted of whatever takeout we all agreed on for that evening — ranging from fast food to restaurants with curb side pickup, and there was also dehydration during travel. The first tea I made once setting foot in the house was Sweet Watermelon mixed with Jasmine Pearls; it was a perfect finish to a summer like evening and a nice taste of summer when the autumn fog rolled in. I didn’t get out of bed until afternoon hit. It also took me awhile to get my stomach to decide on something to eat, there was so much salt going through my body that you’d swear I drank tears from the Fortnite community or some shit. I’m finally starting to feel better, and I’m fortunate that digital shopping doesn’t require getting out of chillin’ clothes.

As predicted I’ll be jumping back into the hole come Tuesday… I should be fully recovered from my vacation to return by then. 😛