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The Mind Of OverlordTomala

The Footage Sifting Continues

Been going through the rest of my Skyrim footage over the last couple of days. I only have about ten more livestream videos to go through and I’ll finally be done with it. Hard to believe that footage used to span almost three hard drives, but I’m nearing the end of the Oldrim stuff. Maybe someday I’ll return for some 4K adventures, but for now I have plenty of other games and footage to go through. Each livestream is about an hour or two of footage to go through, and surprisingly there are a few little gems hidden within.

Of course, it’ll be awhile before any of it sees the light of day… sooooo many irons in the fire.

More Answers Than Questions

The more I play of this, the more questions I find needing an answer. Last night I uncovered a good chunk of why the world has been thrown back to tribalism, and as I expected it goes all the way back to corporations fucking things over. FARO in this universe is basically Tesla if Elon went too fucking far. They manufactured “Peace keeping machines” that were used for war, and were able too replicate themselves using organic organisms. The amount of lawsuits and problems I’ve found strewn throughout the data logs pokes fun at how a big corp fucked things up for the whole world.

Then I’m also left wondering… who is this woman who looks like Aloy? Is she a mother? Or is she an ancestor from what they refer to as “The Old World”? The holograms and data are from centuries ago in this universe, and it makes it all the more interesting. Each time I come back to this game I gain about ten questions for every one or two answers I find. It’s almost like having my own interactive soap opera to play!

Next time I play I’m poised to solve another cauldron. I came close to doing it tonight, but I reached the final chamber right as it was time to call it quits.

To be continued, I guess. 😛

Another Weekend Comes To A Close

Don’t have  much  to say. It was a nice, sunny day. You could smell  the freshly cut grass wafting in the breeze. As usual I enjoyed  a good mandatory tasty weekend breakfast, fiddled with a couple of games and finally canned a video! I’ll probably work on the thumbnail after work tomorrow, and tonight I’ll sleep on what I want the title to be… and dream of what the next weekend will bring.

A Walk Through Nibel

My desktop has been rendering the last chunk of animation for the Skyrim video, so I’ve been making some more progress in Ori and the Blind Forest on Steam Deck. It’s actually kinda funny to think that last night I was playing a Playstation game, and now I’ve shifted over to an XBox game, and I don’t even need to own both consoles! 😛 I mostly ventured through Black Root Burrows., and doing what you would typically do in a metroidvania and circle back to older areas after learning new abilities. Mostly finding life and ability cells, and opening up sealed off areas. Fun stuff.

Was actually having a conversation about this at work the other day with another co-worker bud. One of her fave genres is metroidvania, we actually talk about Bloodstained Ritual of the Night on a few occasions, and I’ve also shared other ones with her like the Shantae series and recently Dust. She plays on Playstation, though we do like to dish out on games in general, among other subjects. It’s nice having a few work friends to help the day feel less hellish.

The Hunt Continues

See… I had plans to wrap up my animation project, but there was an empty couch in need of a tired body after a long work week, and an imagination in dire need of a cinematic fix with a side of tea. I only meant to play for a couple hours, but it ended up being the rest of the evening… this game is just too good. Found some new machines to study… and kill. I also saved the city of Meridian from a very punchable protagonist (not the guy in the above picture) and did tons of exploration.

I may or may not continue this tomorrow… or maybe a little more tonight! 😛

Program Chatter

Got into a random conversation with a co-worker today about Adobe products, and how the creative landscape has shifted over the last decade. I remember when Adobe was the king of video editing, but now with so many other options it doesn’t make sense to buy Creative Cloud anymore and their monthly subscription service. He has a subscription and even he was questioning why. I told him the only Adobe tool left in my arsenal is After Effects, and even then I’ll eventually try to learn the compositing side of Blender.

There was once a time when I would go between Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and Audition. Now it’s Krita, Shotcut/KdenLive, Audacity and every once in awhile After Effects. Now if they could implement HDR video editing into one of these Open Source programs that would be metal af.

Palace and Chill

Took on some Glinthawks tonight and advanced the plot a little in Horizon Zero Dawn. Instead of fast traveling I’ve been walking all over the place looking for treasures and settlements, and maybe the occasional Machine skirmish. I wish I knew more people to talk about this game with. Other than a couple friends between work and online, everyone else I know either thinks it’s too boring, or they find Aloy to be too “woke” *aka* she’s not fuckable enough. Though to me she’s probably one of the best female protagonists since Lara Croft. In fact, Aloy seems more like classic Lara than the current spin of Lara ala Crystal Dynamics. Aloy explores, learns from her environment and adapts, she crafts arrows and other items like modern Lara but without the annoying whining.

Wish I could have played more tonight, but at least I moved the main quest along, and I’m in position for next time.

Another Scorcher

Another warm summer like day means another day on my Steam Deck! Something about playing Hades in the hot heat seems immersive enough. Still haven’t been able to get past the Champions of Elysium, but I am getting stronger and making the place look a little lived in, even gave Cerberus the best bed a good boi could deserve. I’ve been seeing more people play this, probably to prepare for Hades 2. It’s been tempting to buy, but my current collection makes me slap myself on the wrist at the thought of doing so. I at least need to finish the first one first! 😛

Besides… it’ll give the game some time to mature in Early Access while I go about climbing Mt. Backlog.