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A Cosmic Idea!

A Cosmic Idea!

You know those “Eureka!” moments when everything fits together and suddenly makes sense? Well I have it!

Slacker’s could really use a subforum for yaoi and yaoi related material. I think I’ve narrowed the name down to “Slacker’s Hot League of Naked Guys (SHLONG).”

Still need to think of a working slogan. I’m considering, “Crack is whack, but whack’s the smack!” or “Where all the dicks go to play.”

And now for your DAILY DOUBLE!

A young brunette male stark naked and bound in golden chains by an effeminate blonde-haired man... kinky...

And thus concludes another- wait a minute… How did a chick sneak into that last one? 0.o

Bah, it doesn’t matter! I’ll be posting again soon…

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Melon Seed
April 19, 2011 8:45 am