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A Little Work, A Little Play

A Little Work, A Little Play

I’ve decided to shift my video making focus on Broforce. Having gone over the footage a few more times I’ve knocked it down to about ten minutes, and that could net me at least two videos. Staging it will be easy for the most part, since I still had the stage built from the previous Broforce video:

I’ve already changed what I needed on the character models, and exported the audio for the animated bits. I’m planning an opening and a closing scene, and I’m not sure how long those will take, but my goal would be to have at least one of these videos ready by next month. Tomorrow I’ll get started on moving some bodies around!


I even made a little time today to play Yakuza 0! One of my co-worker buds reminded me that I still need to finish it, lol. He came back to work recently after being out with an injury for a couple months, and I guess he had time to finally finish it. I didn’t do much tonight, other than treat some homeless people to a round of drinks in exchange for information, and up’d my skills as a master brawler! Now I’ll have a small status update when I talk to him again at work! That, and a mentioning or two of the other games I played yesterday. I wonder if he’s ever played any of the Call Of Juarez series…