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>And what does the coin of truthiness say?

>And what does the coin of truthiness say?

Rather than use the dartboard of destiny. I used the coin of truthiness! Tsar Hoikas who was in chat tonight got to choose between heads and tales. And rather than choosing for himself, he had a python program tell him what to choose. Which was heads. Then I flipped the coin and it came up…


Congratulations!!! The Tsar gets to team up with the Overlord for epic blogospheric naval gazing commentary! Sorry KBQ… Sad You will get your turn though as everyone else here will. Smile

As for who will take Adam’s place at the end of the week, I will leave that up to the Tsar to decide upon. He will hand pick his replacement and I shall make it so.

Rand save the Tsar!!!

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Melon Seed
January 18, 2009 10:31 pm

Such is fate. And life. And Boolean logic. sigh