Another Night Of Interactive Japanese Soap Opera Comes To A Close

Another Night Of Interactive Japanese Soap Opera Comes To A Close

I think I’ve officially become almost addicted to this as I am to Skyrim. I couldn’t help but get roped into playing more Yakuza Kiwami. I made it to Chapter 4, saved a little girl and a puppy doge. Wandered the city for hours finding all kinds of keys and trading cards.

A little boy in a lab coat taught me how to play rock paper scissors with trading cards featuring “bug faeries”, and yes this is a children’s card game. 😛 You stick your main character card into a machine along with a card in the rock, paper, and scissor slots, and you battle another girl in bug cosplay for a totally wholesome game for Japanese youth, as usual waaaaay ahead of the curve compared to us westerners. 😛

This game is like a really good anime; it has an excellent story with added silliness here and there just to keep you on your toes… just ask this guy:


I also got curious about the original Yakuza for PS2, and decided to look it up last night. I didn’t know Kiwami was a remaster! I’m impressed how they stuck with most of the original character designs, and even recreating most of the game frame by frame!

Obviously the remake looks better, but for the era the PS2 actually looks pretty good. They did an excellent job keeping the original image and spirit in tact.