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>Be careful out there.

>Be careful out there.

I have a complaint. I bought some tangerine orange zinger tea the other day and went to try it. The teabag I had was defective. I knew this because when the tea brewed, it came out in a pinkish rose color. So I made another batch, and it wasn’t orange either! After 5 more tries… I came to the conclusion that the entire box was defective.

So I went and bought another box and tried again. SAME THING.

Word to the wise. I think someone sabotaged the tangerine orange tea supply.

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Melon Seed
February 22, 2009 8:43 am

Great Scott!! I think you’re right! Thanks for the ride, T – it was fun while it lasted! I’ll try to be more servile and sheeplike in the future.Baaaaaaaaaaaaa!