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>Bored in Uru?

>Bored in Uru?


Long for new ages? Miss what used to be done in UU? This list will make you forget your troubles!

Carl Palmner wrote:
Ok so one of the major problems we’re facing right now is that people don’t STAY in Uru. Once they’ve solved all the puzzles, they move on. Sadly, even many of those who do stay don’t seem to realize that there’s a lot more to do than just hang out and chat (although there’s nothing wrong with doing that, if that’s what interests you). Anyway, it just seems to me that there is a lot to Uru that is getting missed.

So, I’ve put together a list of “official” and “unofficial” things you can do in Uru. If you’ve solved all the puzzles, found every Marker, Relto Page, clothing item and feather, achieved every ring on the Relto tower and explored every secret location, THIS LIST IS FOR YOU! :)

“Official” things to do

This list is everything I can think of that involves end-game activities Cyan came up with and built in to the game.
Custom Marker games. Play some that other explorers have made. Make some of your own and spread them around the cavern. Remember, there’s a lot of Uru to explore, and that means LOTS of places to put Markers and potentially find them.
Jalak. This is the most underappreciated Age in all of Uru. Playing Jalak games is one of my favorite things to do–check out The Jalak Registry for just a very few of the games people have come up with, and try them out with other players. Or, if you prefer to do stuff on your own, build castles and store/retrieve them with the /savecolumns /loadcolumns command. Or just play with the physics. Or get really ambitious and try to invent some NEW games!
Ahyoheek. The Bevin’s table game, Ahyoheek, can be a lot of fun. Most players think it’s a game of luck, but it’s not–it’s about predicting your opponent’s moves and acting to counter them. This is another underappreciated aspect of Uru.
Feed the lake. Go to Er’cana and use your pellets to increase your Lake-Light Score. If you want, get permission and go to OTHER people’s Er’canas to do it again and raise your score even further. Submit your scores to the Bevins you want to come out ahead.
Pod watching. This one’s not really my cup of tea, but in the past many people have found entertainment by going to Negilahn, Dereno and Payiferen and watching for the wildlife. There are 2 creatures in Negilahn that come out at random times and can be viewed from the pods, and 1 in Payiferen. Dereno has a ton of sea creatures that are on a constant cycle around the pod.
Delin/Tsogahl runs. A lot of people enjoy solving Eder Delin and Eder Tsogahl even after they’ve got the Relto wedge. I’ve talked to several people who will do it repeatedly with the same group to see how many times they can get the doors open within a specified time.
Read. There’s a ton of literary material in teh cavern and the Ages that is not connected to any puzzle–it’s just there for fun. The Books of the Kings, the Shomat Story, the Rooftop Journals, the Prophesies of the Watcher–these are just a few examples.

“Unofficial” things to do
These are activities that explorers have come up with, which are NOT illegal or against the game’s T.O.S. and which provide more opportunities for entertainment.
Play with OHBot. OHB is an ambitious explorer who came up with his own “chat-bot” in Uru. Cyan knows about it and does not have a problem with OHBot, who will not give you any special advantages over other players in the game or spoil any secrets (unless you specifically ask him to). He can tell jokes, give you the weather, define words, speak in voice-chat, tell you the time and date in either our system or D’ni’s, translate languages, give song-lyrics, and even provides a KI-directory of every explorer who has agreed to tell him their KI#. You can usually find OHBot in the Guild of Robots’ Bevin
Adopt a Newbie. This is my personal favorite “end-game” activity. Go into the DRC Bevins when you see that people are there. Chances are very good it will be new explorers who have no idea what they’re doing. So help them out! Show them around. Find out what they want out of the game and show them how to get it. You would not believe how much fun it is to solve Ages again with someone who’s never done it–it’s like experiencing it all over again.
Find the buggy secret areas. There are a ton of places, especially in D’ni, where invisible collisions have been placed in very unexpected places, resulting in the ability for explorers to get to places you wouldn’t expect. Did you know it’s possible to get on top of the tent in Tokotah Square? Onto the balcony below the Concert Hall on one side of the Shopping District? Up into the area ABOVE the Tokotah Rooftop?
Events. Attend player-sponsored events, or even come up with some of your own. The Guild of Messengers is doing a great job coordingating the schedules for many of the events that players have come up with–including parties, concerts, discussions of D’ni lore, storytelling events, etc.
Fan-story. It doesn’t happen as much as it used to, but eager explorers have often in the past come up with their own interactive stories in the cavern. Murder mysteries, dramas, and thriller/adventure stories have all been very popular. If you can’t find a fan-story going on, come up with your own! View the logs on the forums of stuff that’s been done in the past and use it to inspire your own ideas.

That’s just what I can come up with at the moment. I’m sure others can think of other things. Post your ideas here in this thread!