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>Cross Post: It has begun

>Cross Post: It has begun

Thought I’d let everyone know that as head GM of the GOGu, I have brought on a “sidekick”, no it isn’t Hoikas (yet), it’s BAD. 😛 And this is what he said over at the GOGu:

With my new promotion to Super head honcho of the GOW, I have now become a full and honored member of the GOGu.

It is an honor yes, but also a duty. No, not in your pants.

This duty is to make sure everone understands who is in charge around here. Simple answer: I am.

Yes yes, I know, you all are asking yourselves, is this guy saying he is above the Overlord?! Is he crazy!? She shoots lazers out of her eyes! I’ve seen it!

No no no. I am not “above” the Ovelord. I am more of on her right side. Where I belong. Sure we can try to compare and contrast our powers, but we both know we would be pretty closely matched. I won’t say who would be the ultimate winner in the fight, but lets just say that there would be little left of the Earth after it, and if there is anything we hate more than veloure track suits, it’s the lack of subjects to grovel before us.

So we won’t be sparing off as long as there are plenty of slaves and servants to subjugate.

So anyway, I want to thank the Overlord in her infinite wisdom to join our forces. Together we will rule the world, and any other place we find in space.