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>Day one of three.

>Day one of three.

Seeing BAD has told you about some of his personal life, it is time for the Overlord to shine hers upon the center stage (as usual).

As I lay asleep in the early morning I had a dream of a prophecy, the dream told of my work schedule. It told me I would be off of work in time for a party. Then the dream was shattered when the alarm of terror screamed it’s horrid show tune nightmare. I dressed in garb that befit the weekday warrior and went to work, only to find I was early for work, by 3 days.

I returned to my lair and changed into my overlording clothes.

Not to mention the pearl ring of Cyantology, earrings and the pearl bracelet of gentle falsities, oh and one must not forget to mention the red sun hat (to conceal the horns on my head). I drank the finest tea from Honolulu and had a giant bratwurst. I ventured into society, most of them think I’m human so I was safe.

During my outing I came upon items that a female overlord must possess. Seashell jewelery and hair thingy of the earth which claims to be made in the Philippines on the packaging, but then says it’s made in china on the clip itself. And some soap along the way…

I had a drink fit for the divine, a lemonade energy drink… I walked through the park and went home to drink more tea and annoy people.

One day off down, two more to go.

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Melon Seed
January 15, 2009 8:57 pm

Rock On!!!!