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Dear Esther: Multiplayer

Dear Esther: Multiplayer

I’ve been doing a good job breaking in the new GPU! Yutram and I went on some GMod adventuring yesterday; we traveled from Dear Esther to China, it was the most fun I had playing Dear Esther.

I’ve installed some watermelon themed mods onto the main sandbox server, one of those mods is a virus that infects both NPC’s and players. If one of these bouncing melons is absorbed into a victim they will eventually turn green and explode into watermelons; thus multiplying until no one but watermelons remain. Fortunately we contained the virus where no one will ever look; a random hole in Dear Esther (or as Yutram calls it: Scotland).

Yutram also took us on a cruise in his jumbo jet boat.

Dear Esther is a already a scenic experience, but something about adventuring this place with a friend makes it better.

I also upgraded my flashlight. 😛

We ended the night by visiting the watermelon petting zoo at a Chinese temple. What a perfect ending to a perfect day!