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Dusting Off Dust

Dusting Off Dust

Today when I woke up to gray and rainy weather, all warm in nice clean bedding. I opened up my tablet to do some cozy in bed reading, only to find there was no internet. I managed to survive the six hour outage by doing other things. A little more tidying, some animation and even prepping a video.

Other than that I’ve been playing through Dust: An Elysian Tail on my Steam Deck. Started at 68% completion tonight and left it at 72%. Survived a boss battle and found a bunch of keys and several chests that may or may not have contained a bunch of hot dogs, and maybe a blue print (not for making hot dogs). The scenery matched today’s weather, and chillin’ on the Steam Deck brought back old school rainy day Game Boy sessions.

Might have to play a little more under the covers. 🙂 It’s supposed to be pissing down for the next few days, may as well get comfortable with my game collection. 🙂

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