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>End of summer bluze

>End of summer bluze

Well here it is, August 22nd. Although summer is not officially over until somewhere around September 21, it really seems to be over now, as school has started. No, I wasn’t held back for another year in Third Grade, but my son leaves for his second year in college on Tuesday. He’s attending at a school near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

He’s been home for close to four months, but it went quickly. We played golf again this Thursday and we both had our moments. He was ahead by three strokes through the eighth hole and playing well. Then I had went par/birdie on the ninth & tenth to his double bogey/par and we were even. Woo Hoo, the game was ON! When it was all said and done, I had won by five strokes and he was properly and utterly defeated. Lots of fun. He had beaten me the last several times we played so it was good payback.

I had one embarrassing moment. On the eighteenth tee he was dragging himself along having already conceded my victory. I stepped up and hit my drive into a few trees at the bottom of the fairway. OoooOoops, there were people down there, waiting to hit I had to move ahead to the green and apologize for almost killing them. I also thanked them for finding my ball.

So tomorrow we’ll have the rest of the family over for a bon voyage party for him. We’ll get out and get the yard looking nice. That’s another thing. I’m losing my summer yard man.

So on Tuesday, he’s doing the thirteen hour drive by himself. We told him to stop often and stay focused on the road. That means to already have his iPod playlists ready. Don’t send text messages while driving and eating.

At least now I have a Twitter account so he can keep up with what I’m doing while he’s busy studying. “I’m sitting on the front porch”.

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Melon Seed
August 22, 2009 10:02 pm

Hope you have some fun before he goes off! Wait… Twitter??? You're a twit now?Oh well at least you have a good reason.

Melon Seed
August 23, 2009 9:31 pm

You should have sent him by the Chatanooga Choo Choo 😛