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Evening Open Thread

Evening Open Thread

It rained today. I enjoyed a day’s worth of tea, and prepped for upcoming SFM scenes:

This is fine, no really!

Other than that I messed around on my Steam Deck tonight, played a small game. I would have played on my desktop but wanted to cycle the battery. It didn’t get much play time last week and I wanted to make up for it. Meanwhile, my gaming laptop doesn’t get much use nowadays. Throwing 17 pounds onto my back has added up after awhile, and the Steam Deck has been a better traveling companion. I won’t be getting rid of my laptop, but I’ll probably convert it to a full Linux laptop. Almost everything I use works fine under Linux, and if I went that route that would leave my Desktop as the one last dualboot setup.

These are projects for another time though. It’s time for me to get some sleep while it still feels warm and comfy.