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Finding The Light

Finding The Light

Tonight’s game kinda keeps with last night’s theme. I did have problems remembering how to climb, and then there was timing the parry jumps and other obstacles, but I did cover more ground in the Misty Woods. It’s fortunate that they made the game extremely beautiful, it makes up for all the F bombs I threw tonight while fighting some of the monsters.

This area was fun. When you jump in this area it toggles mushroom platforms, but if you jump out of sequence you’ll jump towards a closed mushroom and inevitably die in a pit of spikes. You just have to remember not to double jump before jumping towards the platform. Next month is Maytroidvania, if I don’t give it more playtime this month I’ll have to keep it in mind for May. Of course, it does compete with the other Metroidvanias in my collection that I’ve yet to finish, though I am pretty close on Dust, and not much further to go in Shantae and the Seven Sirens. In my library you just never know. 😛

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