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First Open Thread Of July

First Open Thread Of July

Last night I had a dream about playing over at the home of a friend I never had. We played tag, hide n’ seek, climbed trees and anything else kids did before cellphones and Fortnite took off. Then I remember when the kid’s father came home and wanted to know who I was, making me realize the friend I was playing with, was never anyone I knew. I told him that they needed someone to help them with a few games and he shrugged as I packed up my things and went on my way.  As I walked away I could feel myself aging to modern time, and before long I woke up to a warm summer morning and distorted summer memories with an imaginary friend.

I made myself a hearty three course brunch that isn’t as fancy as it might sound, listened to a couple podcasts and did a little couch gaming until even that started feeling too hot. Spent a good chunk of the warm day reading on my tablet in a few shaded areas about shady shit from the Imperial Court, and a few cat and meme pictures in between to give my brain a break to parse the bullshittery that will be unfolding in the upcoming days ahead.


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