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Get your Winter Ales while they last!

Get your Winter Ales while they last!

Last night after class, I had some Descutes Jubelale Winter beer! It was so good that I had 6!!! Wheeees! Full-flavored yumminess!! Winter Beers for alls!

In other news, Egyptians Protest On! You Go, Egyptians!!!

And, as expected, my instructor hasn’t graded our tests yet! He did go over the answers, and it seemed as though I got most of the answers correct. There were a few transactions that I missed, but it looked good overall!

And I got a 92 on my Practical Accounting test on Thursday! Yays!  And I’m on track to finish the class two weeks early to earn a .3 addition to my overall grade.  Let’s say that I earned a 3.5 in the class, then with the bonus, my grade would be 3.8!  Whoo-hoo! 

I still haven’t heard if my nature pictures were selected for the school literary magazine – I hope I made the cut!

And who could forget about the Canthan New Year Weekend in Guild Wars!  Right now, my avvie is standing in the rings and accumulating Lucky and Unlucky points!  Yays!

Have a great weekend, everyones!