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Great to see one of my picts, Vance Creek, in print!

Great to see one of my picts, Vance Creek, in print!

Yays! I got this picture in the Pierce College Student Literary Magazine, SLAM!  Mine is the first photograph in the magazine, so that was an honor too!

And most of the other students that had submissions were art students or English students.  Didn’t see anyone from the accounting department there, imagine that lol!  So it was an interdepartmental experience today lol!

We had an hour-long event with some authors reading their poetry.  It was a fun time!

I also ran into a gal that I went to high school with, and she had two of her paintings in SLAM!  I said hi to her and had a nice chat and such, so that was fun!

I can see from the entries that did make it into the magazine that the judges are looking less for nature photos and more for ‘artistic’ sort of photographs (or is that artsy-fartsy?  Probably artsy-farty lol)

I might try submitting this photo of heather in the middle of the Puyallup Campus of Pierce College for next year’s SLAM:

Or perhaps not, we’ll see.  I might try taking a few pictures with the idea of submitting them, too,  since the next deadline is months away – Yay!!!!!  Or maybe not since I’m slack!!!! Wheeees!!!

Have funz everyone!!!!