Happy Birthday Foods + Civ5 UpdateTram!

Happy Birthday Foods + Civ5 UpdateTram!



I am happy to report that I am having a totally epic birthday so far!  The boeuf bourguignon is happily baking along in the oven and it smells soooo epic!  I would like to thank the fi tram for working sooooo hard on it, including the days of visiting many different shops and trying to find ingredients, and the many days of cooking each ingredient separately!  It has been an epic journey and it smells really wonderful right now!  Thanks again fi tram!!!!! Yays!!!!

In fact, it smells soooo epic that I am now having some Golden Gate Sauvignon Blanc that the onions were braised in and have it with meh Brunch of Champions, D’nito Nachos Tram!!!!!  nomnomnomnom!!  It is certainly one of my slack favs!!!

In other news, I noticed that both Steam and Civilization 5 had a major update when I played recently, so if you haven’t played lately, you may want to get the longggg update.  It seems to have eliminated the long animations when the game first starts up and replaced it with a simple splash screen.  I also noticed that some of the voices were different when the new technologies were discovered, and some of the wording was different on the new technologies. 

I also noticed that it was significantly different as far as creating and assembling the space ship to claim epic victory!  Instead of needing to create like a dozen pieces, I only had to create like 5 or 6 or so!  Honestly, I felt a bit cheated by this, but since I was getting the Aztecs to kick some ass, I didn’t mind too much tram – LOL!

So, if you feel like it, slack on over and check out the updated Civ 5 Tram!  Wheeees!!

And there is a new expansion available for Civ5, Gods and Kings.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I would be very interested to hear if any of you have yet!  Yay!

And keep partying hard on meh birthday, meh wonderful hearties and getting ready for the Tour de Underpants (France)!!!!!  Wheeeeees!!!!



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