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>Hawai’i day one.

>Hawai’i day one.

Good news everyone! PB and I made it to Honolulu in one piece! The only bitch was having both flights delayed. The one to SanFran by about an hour, and the one from SanFran to Honolulu at around 2 hours… But we managed to survive both flights and I didn’t have to put beaver tranquilizer into PB during the 2nd flight. Though it was touch and go for awhile.

After we checked into our fabu hotel, we went straight for the ocean! Water is very nice here. Only problem is wireless is crappy… I had to pay to get an internet connection to get in touch with family back home because even the cell phone isn’t getting good reception… Sigh.

Here are the latest pictures I have:

ZOMG!!! They serve GREEN TEA here!!!!! Oh and dinner was good. For desert one of the things you could get at the buffet was chocolate orange cheese cake. Tasted like a jaffa cake mmmmm. Wink

You know what else is funny? Over here there are no Spanish subtitles for anything. If it isn’t printed in English, it’s printed in Japanese. Strangely enough there are lots of skinny people over here too!

Tomorrow PB and I have plans to go shopping, swimming and other fun stuff. I’ll post the pic of PB I have in teh meter room.

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Melon Seed
October 8, 2008 5:30 pm