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>How to handle a “hacker”

>How to handle a “hacker”

Saturday, November 06, 2010
1:31 AM – Clara: Hi my name’s clara i need real man for join my group and … <3<3<3
1:32 AM – Tomala: Sorry. I don’t have a penis.
1:33 AM – Clara: Okay but join my group
1:33 AM – Tomala: Wow you fail… You don’t even have the proper page source for the website.
1:34 AM – Tomala: How about while I’m at it I give you my name, password and underwear size?
1:34 AM – Clara: yes
1:35 AM – Tomala: Ok, name is Youreavirgin. Password is getajob
1:35 AM – Clara: ahahah
1:35 AM – Tomala: Now please excuse me while I report you…

And then they went offline.

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Melon Seed
November 6, 2010 3:30 am