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Okay seriously, what the feck is wrong with people? So many people in this world just seem to be so wrapped up in their own little delusion of reality that they forget that there are other people standing right there! It’s almost as though nowadays no one gives a damn what the other says and that their opinions should remain unmatched by anyone else’s and absolute.

Quebec, the province where I live, is guilty of this. For years, there have been quarrels between the French and English ethnic groups all fueled by conflicts of the past. Who the hell cares? It’s history, it’s past, get over it and move on! But still, groups like the FLQ (Front Liberation du Quebec, literally translated to “Quebec Liberation Front”) still try to dump more and more fuel to burn on the fires of hate between the French and the English populations of Quebec. Worse still is that this group is also an organized group of radicals who have been charged with some pretty severe crimes (like blowing up Canadian post offices in Quebec during the 70’s). The dumb thing is that many French Quebecoise follow this group’s belief. Now is that to say all French Quebecoise are senseless radicals with a taste for the blood of the English-speaking ethnic groups? Hell no! My grandfather was a French-speaking Canadian and he thought that these types of people were a pack of fools! And that’s all the difference in the end.

Now they talk of separating from the rest of Canada. Hah! Good luck with that. Without Canada, the country that has pretty well provided them, they’d have no money, no power, zip! And who do you think is going to buy them out? The Americans (oh look, more English! The thing we were trying to escape in the first place). If they separate, they’d only be killing their French heritage faster, because in America you need to learn (wait for it…) English! So there’d be none of this crap of “You need to learn French, it’s the language of Quebec!” or “French is higher than English” (which they have basically expressed in about half of what they say). If Quebec wants to separate so it can become a French state… I’m sorry, no one wins!

Oh, now let’s move on to broader perspectives. Anthro, essentially art with animal-human hybrid type characters. Everyone likes Mickey Mouse, right? Well… maybe not everyone, but I’m sure there are those cartoons everyone loved as children. Okay, now Anthro as an art is very fascinating because it allows for a lot more use of fantasy. Anthro has also sparked communities of fans called “furries”. You’re probably saying “Get to the point, already!”. Well, at the same time, like anything else, there is always a gang of haters following the fandom around. Really, who cares? If you don’t like it that’s your problem. Stop ruining it for others you over-righteous douchebags! Now, these fans make things called fur suits (which is essentially like cosplay -oh my!- but they may also be based off of their own fictional characters). That’s not too bad. Except there’s another movement that runs in parallel with furryism called “yiff” (my god, don’t look that up). Yiff is essentially… well, yeah… furry pr0n. Of course, because of this movement, people assume all furries are like the plague. Now, that doesn’t mean they are, it just means there are some perverted individuals. It’s not uncommon to see something like that. Though many argue “It’s not a small group, many furries practice it.” (and even wearing their fur suits… which they do, but that’s just… *hork*). Well it makes sense. Many… ahem… “normal” people watch pornography. Let’s face it, we’re no better. We have strip clubs, peep shows, pornography channels and tapes, prostitution. What does this group got? Naked pics and pr0ny pics, oooooooh, that’s so much worse! Companies like Playboy make millions each year. What does that tell you?

And as if women have as many rights as men, even nowadays. Way back when even during the Dark Ages, women were treated as meek in comparison to men. Time fast-forward! After the fist phase of industrialization in Canada, it was still just as bad as women were paid less for their efforts than men performing the same task. What’s so fair or equal about that? But even today, after hundreds of years, we still haven’t developed fully out of this mindset. You wonder why we have feminist organizations? Why would they have to fight for their rights if equality is prevalent in our society? It’s bad enough that women still aren’t paid the same amount as men, but pornography is considered by many women as defacing towards women in general. This same mindset can be seen in some ads if you bother to look past it (making it worse than yiff since this is supported by all the -hahaha- normal people). In other countries, it’s seen as a profession, but still! It makes people see them simply as objects of pleasure. In reality, all people are… well, people. No more, no less.

As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t half as much equality around the world as people claim for there to be. People just pull the veil over their eyes and choose not to see it. Even then, half of it has to do with power over the other. How can you have power when everyone is equal? But it also ties back to hate. Everyone and anyone can hate on something. It’s so easy to hate, all you have to do is state it and act on it. But what’s the point of hate? Hate solves nothing, it does nothing for anyone except create more hate. But the most important contributor to hate is fear. Fear of others and of anything that seems unnatural. Well… that’s kind of paradoxical seeing as for it to be unnatural it has to have literally not been bore of nature. Yet, women are natural, gays are natural… therefore what’s to be afraid of? In the end, you know what the real problem is? Human stupidity. Yep, I went there! The root of all hate, of all fears, it’s all based on our lack of knowledge of it. As a kid, you are afraid of the dark because it seems so scary to you being unable to see, not knowing what’s in front of you. Yet, when you get to know it, it’s not quite as bad. That’s a very normal fear as it has a valid reason. Yet fear of another person based on their methods or their nationality? Come on, people! That’s just… dumb! It’s because of this we have stereotypes and we have our own separate ideas of these people and why, yes in most cases, we hate others! The uneducated usually end up forming these strange beliefs and the others who are just as uneducated follow it. So yeah, doing it out of power is stupid, doing it out of hate is just as stupid. Seriously!

To close, I’d like to post one of my favorite quotes.

“There are only two things in this world that are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein

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Melon Seed
June 23, 2009 4:52 am

Damn straight! Especially the furry stuff. Damn furry freaks!Thank you.

slave #13
Melon Seed
June 23, 2009 9:31 am

Kind of reminds one of the Myst/URU Community.