It Feels Like The First Time (Contains Spoilers)

It Feels Like The First Time (Contains Spoilers)

Note: If you don’t want to be spoiled you might want to skip this post.

Like I briefly mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been spending my weekend poking and proding at the brand new Stanley Parable! It’s a re-re-release of the original Half Life 2 mod that became a game that became a game again, but with more metalicious content!

When you first go to launch the game, it will ask you to set the time; and eventually ask you to adjust random sliders like the one above. The first few times you launch the program it will try to find some way to dick with you, making it clear they put some serious effort into successfully trolling and taking money from their audience.

From what I’ve read; the overall content is about 4 hours in length. I haven’t been through it all yet myself, but what I’ve seen so far has made me laugh maniacally into the dark hours of the night like a totally normally adjusted person. The writing is as sharp as it was in the original, and what I’ve seen so far has fit right into the game as if it were always meant to be there!

If you looked in your game settings under where the controls are kept, you may have noticed a jump button (a game mechanic Stanley simply doesn’t possess, there’s even an achievement for not jumping in this and the original). This immediately caught my eye when I saw it, and a little into the game I arrive at this point and it made sense.

Welp… that’s all folks! OR at least in fine Stanley Parable tradition that’s what the game would WANT you to believe.

The narrator wasn’t entirely impressed with the first bit of content, and opted to take me to a realm that housed numerous accolades and awards that the original Steam release received… and then we found the Steam Reviews section:

After the narrator visits these reviews further he tries to “fix the game”. I’ll spare the details as to how, this isn’t a full show and tell. 😛 Get the game!

After another restart I ended up seeing what would appear to be a “Stanley Parable 2” room, which gave me flashbacks to the original demo for The Stanley Parable. Featuring revolutionaty content such as the “Reassurance Bucket” and “The Infinite Hole”.

It also contains an easy to get achievement that I haven’t been able to get, and collectables that are completely pointless.

This is literally anything I could ask for in a game. 😛

As I’ve said before: If you own the original Stanley Parable, there is no excuse not to get this. If you have a sense of humour, and enjoy a good mind fuck, I also recommend it. I’ve been telling my console friends at work to check it out too. It’s a fun time waster, even the second or third time around. 😛

I’m taking a break from it for now, this is one that needs to be savored.