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It needed to be said.

It needed to be said.

Taken from this thread.

Lord Chaos:

A long time ago, in a different world, there was a man with some peculiar skills. He liked music. He liked telling stories. He was something of a closet showman. He came to Uru, where one thing and another happened that allowed this man to express his musical delight in a new way.

It was a small event, and he thought it might still work if written larger. He tried teaming up with some existing larger groups but that didn’t work out very well; the existing groups had existing ideas, and the man’s preferred way of working didn’t fit very well with them.

This man wasn’t really a quitter. He kept trying things. Yes, he was frustrated, but fighting was precluded by his preference for healing. He kept nosing along the trail, looking for space. After about six months he did find a space. He told people about it, and some came to join him in this space for a party, and everyone had so much fun they decided to do it again. A few weeks later one of the people who came suggested that the party be started earlier, to accommodate those in other time zones.

“I can, but only if I have some help,” the man replied. By this time there were some regular partygoers who’d been having fun and wanted to help. It could hardly be called “joining,” but they did form a loose group that came together every two weeks… and they all enjoyed it and contributed their own spirit to the goings-on.

It was all quite silly, in a rather serious way, and people still talk about it. In a good way, with good memories.

Outsiders cannot run a guild…

Remember that LC and you’ll go far in the online world.