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>It’s not all that bad I guess.

>It’s not all that bad I guess.

So I was reading the MOUL forum and came across as what I thought would be a cute idea:

An idea involving sword play and warrior guilds. Now I know I’ve gone far out of the way to inform those of you who need to know the proper way to play that this whole Open Source Uru idea is a horrible idea. However, this idea is alright from my point of view. Why? Easy, you should be able to do something in Uru physically what you can do on the MOUL forum verbally. And don’t worry community, swords will only be the start. Virtual vaseline will be next on the list.

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Melon Seed
March 18, 2009 12:09 pm

Cheetos coating and vaseline, when mixed together, sounds really gross!!!! Eeewwww!!!