I’ve Done Some Growing Up

I’ve Done Some Growing Up

Played through more NieR Replicant today. Played through a bunch of quests, advanced on the main story and become the only character to age in game. In five game years time I’ve gone from being a young sword wielding child, to a young androgynous albino Raiden clone. I can already tell that I’m going to need to do a second playthrough of this… I’ve already missed some quests that I can’t go back to… not to mention there are some multi-choices I’d like to revisit. Games like these are practically designed to be replayed, which makes up for the lack of mods.

NieR has it’s share of silliness like quite a few other JRPG games, but when it gets serious it really gets serious when it tugs at the heart strings. There was a character I remembered seeing from NieR Automata called Emil, and he actually dates back to NieR (or NieR Replicant in this case). When you first encounter him he’s a young boy in NieR, and for some weird reason he remains so after you become a man… at least until you go on a quest where his body undergoes some changes — just as his sister did:

Emil allows himself to be eaten by his sister to obtain control of her powers, all in the pursuit to control his petrification ability so they can thaw out Kaine. Unfortunately, the pursuit of this knowledge lead to him looking like a smaller version of his sister.

I really like the characters, they’re all very well written. I think my fave out of all of them though has to be Kaine:

It’s rare to find a character that shares the same vocabulary as you.