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Someone made a very good post over at the MOUL forum that I thought I’d share.

kyevan wrote:

To the people who want “Cyan in control”, that’s a bad idea. I mean, then Uru could be taken away again.

To the people who want the guilds in control… do you remember what happened last time they were in control of D’ni? Let me summarize…


My lesson today was, there is good IC, and then there is IC that we ignore for our own personal goals such as running the guilds and telling people how to play with their toys.

I find this to be good information, as I am the head honcho of the Guild Of Guilds. Which is why I can sympathize with people like Alahmhat who want to run their own kingdom. Except as leader of the GOGU, I AM entitled to running everyone’s “kingdom”. All these people made their guilds and are getting whatever they want, therefore I see no problem with telling any of the guilds to report to me on all their activity, give me membership clothing to each group, all chatlogs of their own special meetings, you know… So I can print it out when I run out of toilet paper that I keep at my desk (so I can wipe my face after reading the MOUL forum) and all the other guild things that I should know.

I am the overlord of this community (sorry peeps but I called it), so I should be treated like one by ALL social groups. 😛

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Gary (Alahmnat)
Melon Seed
December 16, 2008 11:31 am

While I’m both amused and pretty much unsurprised that you think my intention is to rule the kingdom and take a destructive “my way or the highway” attitude towards OpenURU (or MOOSE, or OSMO, or whatever we’re calling it for the next 5 minutes), I’ve already said in more places than I care to try and count that I want to contribute to a canon-friendly shard, as one of many options for getting into Uru. If you want to have a shard with admin KIs for everyone, a blue-tinted Ae’Gura, and rainbow-colored avatars, be my guest. I probably won’t join… Read more »

GuildMaster Grand Poobah Shogun Comrade Divine Saint Overlord Tomala
Melon Seed
December 16, 2008 11:38 am

For someone who claims to watch Colbert, you don’t seem to have a good SnarkOMeter…Please come back and try again after your funnybone transplant.