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Lord Murray hath doneth spoketh!

Lord Murray hath doneth spoketh!

The other day, I stepped into this thread over at the MOUL forum and ran across a post from an old “friend”. I have taken the liberty to “translate” this post in an attempt to help others better understand where he’s coming from. 😉

Murray: As a VERY long term dedicated Myst/URU fan, going back to 1993

Wow, ain’t he special… I wonder if anyone else in the community that has been around this long! He sounds soooo unique!

Murray: I cannot BELIEVE the nonsense that I am reading today, particularly in this thread.

Shorter Murray: This has NEVER happened before!! I am so shocked by all of you!!!

Murray: How on earth do you people ever expect this game to progress with all the negativity that has gone on for months, even years on end.

Cyan missed that boat a looooong time ago. Closing the barn door after the horses are long gone and all that…

Murray: The lot of you need to take a damn good look in the mirror and see yourselves.

We do. Sometimes multiple times a day. And we like what we see!

Murray: Most of what I read here is belligerent rubbish that goes round and round in circles. In fact, this very thread is an endless, tiresome rehash of the same old meaningless rows that have been going nowhere, and probably brought this poor forum to its knees. It is the same old racket by the same old rabble.

And I thought you liked anything or anyone on their knees…

Murray: Looking at the attacks at Veralun for instance, one cannot believe the stupidity of the arguments put forward to date. Once upon a time, even I crossed swords with him,

It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that you would cross swords with each other. As I recall you had a hard enough time sheathing yours.

Murray: but it was soon resolved, and over the last 6 or 7 years, there has been peace. In fact there has been a respectable friendship. And we still cross swords, just not verbally.


Murray: He is a hell of a nice guy when you really get to know him. I respect the man for his incredible dedication to sword crossing.

Improved. 😉

Murray: All I see is vague accusations of all the wrongs he has done to some, but never anything concrete. I feel he is nothing but a scapegoat.

We all know how much you love your goats.

Murray: In fact, I have not seen a peep out of him for months now, yet you continue to bash and batter him, ever loudly demanding his expulsion. I tell you, he deserves a medal for all he’s had to put up with. To attack Veralun at this point in time is utter rubbish.

Not one peep eh? Then what’s this? He’s not doing anything wrong here mind you. But that does count as a peep. Exactly what I would expect this kind of statement from the guy that can’t keep track of how many cats he has or let alone how old he is…

Murray: Talking about attitudes: I have seen with my own eyes, that people bragged about taunting posts they put in this forum, then placing bets elsewhere how long it would take them to get deleted. When the posts did indeed disappear, they would congratulate each other what a short time it took, and plan on the next snarky post. A very mean and sick game, in my estimation.

If we already know it’s going to happen then why not bet as to how long it’s going to take? Why not have some fun while waiting for the inevitable?

Murray: I have seen blogs where past moderators have had problems with certain members of this community, and their protests paralleled the same nonsense that is still going on today, with largely the identical individuals. Some of our trusted friends, who were of great value to this community, have left permanently because of the horrid attacks directed at them. Frankly, we don’t blame them.

Murray: Sophia and I have long stopped posting in here, knowing it was futile and only leading to more arguments,but we do have the occasional peek.

Which is why you came back to post right?

Murray: Seeing Chogon provoked the way he was, is heartbreaking. Think for one minute all the efforts the likes of Chogon and the rest of Cyan have put into keeping this community together,

More than you could ever know.

Murray: it is about time you showed a little support for them, not go on incessantly about the way the forum is run. It is our last vestige of communication. If you destroy that, then we are finished.

If your goal is to see things become more civil at the MOUL forum, I don’t think this helps. You come across as an opinionated ass with a “I need to be your daddy” complex. There are far better ways to get your point across. Remember, you can attract a lot more flies with honey than vinegar. I’m not saying the people at the MOUL forum are flies, which is obvious. I’m just stating this so I won’t get attacked for calling everybody a bunch of flies.

You know how sensitive everyone is.

Murray: don’t want to ever hear anything against the mods, or your perceived problems with them. No sane individual could put up with all the nonsense they have had to deal with for years.

Yes sir Mr Cyan! Will do Mr Cyan! Hey btw Mr Cyan, can you tell Rand to get off his ass and make Uru a success? I mean, you’re obviously the one in charge here.

Murray: Not one of you could ever begin to fill their seats. My wife frequents several other open source forums and communities including a few Linux ones, and never, ever does she see the crap that goes on here.

Apples > Oranges > Bananas > Cucumbers > Kumquats

Variety is the spice of life. Not all places are the same and trying to compare them that way is ridiculous.

Murray: The debates have gone on ad nauseum, and it is time the lot of you grow up, especially if you want to see a future for URU.

Shorter Murray: Get off my damn lawn you crazy kids!

Nice performance Murr. Must have taken you back to your old acting days writing that one up…

Oh, and before I forget… FORE!