Microsoft Wants To Improve Windows 10 Gaming Through “XBox Ideas”

Microsoft Wants To Improve Windows 10 Gaming Through “XBox Ideas”

Everything about this from wording to the execution is just wrong on so many levels…

Team Xbox would love to hear how you’d like to see gaming on Windows improved. How can Windows 10 enhance your gaming experience? What features would you like added or changed to make gaming on Windows 10 even better? Create suggestions, vote for suggestions, and leave comments below!

Right, because when I think PC Gaming I think of chatting in the XBox section… I’m guessing they’re doing it this way because of the way they want to tie XBox and Windows 10 gaming into each other to a certain degree while also trying to reclaim the gaming market they lost when they began neglecting it in the early or mid 2000’s when XBox became their main gaming priority. Right now there are 500 games that have been confirmed to work under Proton, something tells me that Linux is starting to catch up enough that Microsoft may want to start considering them a threat. Microsoft has always had Playstation to compete with, and Microsoft needs an OS equivalent on PC to do the same.

Of course, as someone who does still use Windows a couple times a week, my only request would be to turn off telemetry and automatic updates without the need to jump through several hoops, and stop including Candy Crush with your OS for fucks sake.

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Melon Seed
January 21, 2019 5:58 am

XBox Tip: Don’t force all your customers to play in the same sandbox; there are reasons your customer base would choose one or the other. Also, stop trying to be Facebook.