My Brief Trip Through Some Borderlands 2 DLC

My Brief Trip Through Some Borderlands 2 DLC

Over the weekend Yutram and I privately delved into some of the DLC of Borderlands 2. In an hours time we managed to fuck up a wedding, catch a bunch of worms, ruined the lives of a robot couple by stealing their wig for a quest that gave us fuck all in return, and collected tapes for an old perverted stalker. All in all a productive evening.

A face mask only a mother could love

I did enjoy the love potion quest. I never knew Baby Goliaths could be a thing, though I shouldn’t be surprised. I think the only thing weirder than the baby in this quest was the wedding itself.

I did at least manage to record it locally. I’ll go over it at another date when I sift through the terabytes of what I’ve already recorded, still chugging away on the Skyrim Hunger Games. Will probably start posting some teasers of that next week, after I unveil the second and final part of Super Bomberman R.


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Detective Sadist
Melon Seed
December 6, 2019 4:57 am

I really need to go back and do some of the DLC. Think the only one I completed so far was the one with Torgue’s competition or something which I really did enjoy. Hopefully I’ll go back and do those, as well as the ones for the pre-sequel, but my hype for the series kinda sadly died with the whole Borderlands 3 fuck up. Ah well, I’m sure I will! 😀