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New Ways To Crash

New Ways To Crash

Crash looking onward towards a bunch of pretty lights emitting from an evil castle.

I decided to spend the Sunset part of my evening playing Crash Bandicoot 4, I got it over my vacation from a friend as a present! It runs nicely on my 4K Desktop, still need to try it out on Deck. I had a friend watch me play it, and it does take some getting used to. They changed the game mechanics a bit by adding double jumping and reality phasing.

By equipping a special mask, it allows you to shift between dimensions and access ethereal looking platforms and crates. Part of me always wanted to stand inside of a Nitro box. :v I played a few levels before deciding to call it a night. Let’s see how long I can last on Retro Mode! 😛

Now it’s time for me to crash for realz.