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>Open Thread

>Open Thread

Spellbreaker wrote:
Shorah to you all my friends.

I am a Myst-Fan from the beginning, Games, Books, Fansites, and of course URU. I was a beta tester for the first try, and have been in Uru until gamtap shut down.

Cyan. I really appreciate what you are trying to give to the community. But you should think over it again. The Step of MORE will simply destroy the Myth of Myst, because only you are able to continue expanding that great universe. And yes, I know your are not able to do that at the Moment.

But I beg you, Cyan, Rand Miller: Let Myst rest in Peace. It has been a great Adventure ( myst and uru ), it was fun, sometimes annoying ( overcrowded City anyone? Wink

If your company gets healthy enough in the future, you should focus on a new Myst adventure, or maybe something complete different that blows our Mind. But don’t do that open source stuff. It will destroy Myst, if there isn’t a company like Cyan which controls it.

So please, Rand, do not do it.



Here’s an idea. In the past we’ve had petitions to bring back Uru Live each and every time it closed. So how about we have a petition to not bring back Uru?

Either way it would be just as effective…