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>Open Thread

>Open Thread

It wasn’t very warm today, so I ended up making some pasta dishes. A tuna tomato sauce one, a creamy tomato vegetable one, and a garlic and oil one. But the most evil dish has yet to come. Zabaglione. A warm sweet wine custard.

And yesterday I had my Super Special Awesome anime hair done. And now Princess Barbie has her own teaset to match her new house. Damn I am super special awesome!

Till my next entry, talk to my bent hand.



Made it! This time with milk chocolate and white chocolate morsels mixed in. Your overlord is very very pleased! I don’t think I’ll torture anyone tonight. It’s that good!

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Melon Seed
July 9, 2009 5:12 pm

The pasta sounds totally grubbin, TomalaTram!!!!! nomnomnomnom!!!!Awwwws, PBTram!!!Yays for Super Special Awesome anime hair!!!! I hope it turned out super-well this time around!Thanks for all the interesting updates!!! Wheees!!!