The Mind Of OverlordTomala

Using My Noodle(s)

I felt like doing Italian tonight. I made a chicken pasta with a tomato mushroom pasta sauce, a three color salad made of mozzerella, tomato and basil, and some corn. I was inspired by a recipe, but couldn’t find proper ingredients so turned it into my own thang. For the sauce I used:

  • 1lb can of diced Tomato with juice
  • Pint Of Baby Portabello Shrooms
  • 2 boneless chopped Chicken Bewbs
  • 2 Tbsp Italian Flat Leaf Parsley
  • 1 grated Carrot
  • 1 chopped Serrano pepper
  • 1 tbsp of Vietnamese Garlic Chili Sauce
  • 1 tbsp of Garlic
  • Salt and pepper to taste

I browned the chicken in one pan, and I placed the entire can of tomatoes and their juice, added the serrano, carrot, garlic, sauce, mushrooms and parsley and seasoned it with salt and pepper. After I finished browning the chicken I placed it in the sauce and let it simmer for about an hour with the frequent stir. You can actually eat it after half an hour, but waiting longer does make it more tender. It hit the spot! Plus I have more for later.

I Finished Thinking With Time Machine!

If you haven’t played it yet I highly recommend checking it out! It’s a mod for Portal 2 that you can download directly via Steam. It serves up more Portal related brain teasers with a catch, you have a portable time machine!

Not something you would normally find at a yard sale.

The time machine has three buttons: Start, Stop and Play. You can record yourself standing on or pressing buttons, picking up items to hand to yourself, firing portals or even crouching to help your current self get up walls.

Hello me! Meet the past me!

The mod campaign is pretty short, although there is a workshop with more levels if you feel like punishing your brain into overdrive. I finished it in about three hours playing on and off, and most of that was through trial and error as the puzzles started to become more advanced. It’s definitely worth checking out if you want another portal related adventure… with a twist!


Prepare to beat off more people.

I now have another reason for wanting to get this year over with for one more reason; it will put us members of the PC Master Race closer to obtaining all of the totally serious crime drama that is The Yakuza Series.

Sega today announced that the rest of the main Yakuza games – that’s 3, 4, 5, and 6 – will come to PC next year. That is, by my estimation, about 8000 hours of Kiryu helping strangers with emotional quandaries and absolutely decking villains. Hell yeah. They’ll all be covered by Xbox Game Pass For PC too.

I’ve been enjoying Kiwami during my weekends, and I was already planning on picking up Kiwami 2 and Like A Dragon during future sales. Now it looks like I’ll have to collect the entire series! I’ve been having fun talking about Kiwami at work with one of the few co-workers that I know who has actually played the series. I’m actually surprised the Yakuza titles aren’t more well known at this point considering the PS4 remasters have been around for awhile at this point; we’ve even sold them at work. Most of the people I talk games with at work are Playstation users too, how does that even work? O_o

Evening Open Thread

In other news the COVID cases at work have easily gone into the double digits, and with more and more people going out on sick our “fearless leaders” still believe all of this is overblown and no different from a cold or flu… I’ve been doing my best to make sure that I keep my distance from people as much as possible, especially when they refuse to wear a mask. They tried to get me to step in for someone who caught COVID recently in another section at our store, and after giving it some thought I had to decline. They work in an area of the store where no one believes in social distancing or using masks (but somehow still believe that Lysol can cure anything from COVID to vaginal cleansing), and as much as I’d be willing to help out I’m also not willing to risk exposing myself in a tiny room where an entire Privilege of paid maskless Karens and Kens crow and roost every morning.

On another note Cyberpunk 2077 released today. From what I’ve been reading in a few places it’s still quite buggy, and in their haste they forgot to include a seizure warning. I plan on getting it, but I’ll wait for a sale and some time for them to get all the patches in order. I played some Crash Bandicoot during lunch today, still hasn’t exploded under Linux. 😛 Keepin’ it classic.

By The Power Of Britain I Have Strawberry Banana Yogurt!

I ate through the last of my weekend breakfast and had to resort to midweek yogurt breakfast for tomorrow’s on the go breakfast prep. I forgot to get some strawberry yogurt, but in a pinch the British Strawberry Nesquik did the trick, and I even decided to add Banana Nesquik to make it Strawberry Banana, and they both have actual vitamins so not only will it taste good but I made it slightly healthier somehow! I also added fresh strawberries, pecans and semisweet mini chocolate morsels. I also have some cocoa granola for an additional crunch. I’m thinking this will pack enough protein to take on tomorrow. I’ve mostly been eating keto bars instead of a normal breakfast since I pretty much came back from vacation, and I’m in need of something slightly more flavorful, and possibly able to hold my appetite for longer than 4 hours..


Carbonada For The Soul

We had a nice afternoon, the sun proved not to be a myth! But once the sun no longer graced us with its presence the cold moved in quickly. I made a Chilean based soup I found while scrounging the food part of the internet yesterday. I became curious about Chilean cuisine and stumbled upon a soup called Carbonada. It’s a beef vegetable soup. I followed this recipe minus the pumpkin. I also had to improv a little on the onion situation with a mixture of green onion and a shallot in place of the yellow onion. There was also some leftover rice from another dish the other night, but not enough for it to be noticed in the big soup. I might make some quinoa to go with it, it’s good for you and I have an odd craving for it for some reason…

No, this isn’t chili

But it is really good! It’s a special oatmeal I made with British Strwaberry Nesquik (it has vitamins and natural strawberry believe it or not, unlike the Murican version which has artificial flavoring and little to no nutritional value), chopped strawberries from the garden, pecans and dark chocolate chips. It’s more of a valentines day flavor I guess, but it was a cold morning, and I wanted something sweet. I was not disappointed!

This concludes Weekend Breakfast at the Overlord’s. Tune in next week when I decide to do another thing! (Descriptive I know…)

Now For Something Completely Different

Every once in awhile I’ll make a savory yogurt type of cold soup that consists of cucumbers, spring onion, walnuts mint and dill. I sometimes make it during the summer, but wanted to have it on top of some quinoa. I made this particular one with plain greek yogurt, half of a grated cucumber and the other half chopped, grape tomatoes, chopped baby spinach with a mix of other salad leaves, chopped green onion, a serrano pepper, chopped pecans (ran out of walnuts), mint, dill, a pinch of salt and some milk to thin out the greek yogurt. It was a refreshing way to start the day, and I have a couple day’s worth for the work week! I don’t know many people that eat yogurt with savory ingredients, and I’m sure if they saw me eating this at work I’d probably get the stink eye.

I Don’t Think This Is A Camera…

I got an email telling me that my new camera would arrive today! Early and ahead of schedule! Perfect timing for the weekend! Once I got my hands on the package I opened er up and, well… This was inside:

Going over the seller’s store on Ebay leads me to believe this might be a mistake. They have good feedback and sell an assortment of new and used items varying from electronics to clothing, so it’s possible there was a mistake. That said, it’s also possible the camera was sent to the person who ordered this ornament for the holidays. Either way I’ve contacted the seller, and I’m currently awaiting a response.

I was hoping to be able to play with my new camera this weekend, but that’s been put on hold until something is resolved. At least I can think of a few hundred other activities to keep me busy.

Café Der Overlord

After a few years of contemplating I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and invested in a milk frother. Over the last few days I’ve managed to make sweet fluffy milk with coconut sugar and vanilla extract, hot cocoa with a helping of British Nesquik I purchased by accident from the Amazing Zon (which is fine because the Murican one suuuuuuuuuuucks by comparison), American strawberry Nesquik (looking to get in some of the British one too!) which made a warm strawberry fluff, and tonight I made warm fluffy eggnog with equal part milk and a bit of Cream Sherry for an added kick. I’m not sure about anyone else, but for me mixing eggnog with Cream Sherry or Marsala gives it a zabaglione taste (that’s an Italian wine custard). Nice to have a nice fluffy drinkable version for when I don’t feel like hovering over a stove making it from scratch, during the holidays anyway…


I have so many ideas on what kind of flavored foam I can conjure to go with each brew of tea, or what kind of hot cocoas and chocolates I can make! Methinks my weekend will have a few drinkable clouds, maybe even a London Fog finally! I could also probably use it to make a nice Japanese Matcha Cream to go over a Matcha Latte, and many other drinkable brain children.