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The Mind Of OverlordTomala

Head In The Cistern

Gathered a few achievements in Tomb Raider, getting into places the devs made it hard to get into and also doing a little bit of backtracking to get a couple easy achievements. Next time I visit Lara she’ll be awaiting me in the cistern. The last time I was here I had fun shooting at Pierre while was underwater, I flooded the room and he chose that as the opportune time to strike. I wonder if I’ll be lucky enough to recreate that moment in 4K, it was such a glorious moment!

Climbed My First Tallneck!

My entire weekend may have been shrouded in rain, but as usually I made the most of it. It’s been a weekend of breakfast tostadas, PJ’s, some video creativity, and an assortment of entertainment to choose from. I ended the last bit of the evening with some Horizon Zero Dawn, and climbed my first Tallneck! Also killed a couple of Sawtooths and rescued a couple fellow Braves. Glad to see that we’ll be getting the sequel on PC! I’m sure by the time I finally finish HZD it’ll be at a good price! There’s already plenty to do in HZD to keep me tied over, along with the other things in my backlog needing to be completed. That said, I’ll probably play a different game tomorrow… I kinda want to go back to the Tomb Raider Remasters to get an achievement or two, maybe even snap some fun photo mode stuff.

The Cozy Gaming Weekend Continueth

Another rainy day where I play more than one game! I finished another Chapter in Control, and learned more about the projector and Jesse’s backstory. During my travels I found a couple jukebox tokens. Next tine I might try the challenges again, in the meantime the Underdark called me back into its void.

Last night I forged some badass armor, and tonight Yutram found some lightning robes that work well with my character. I gave the mushrooms some head (Nere’s) and collected a few fancy titles that will probably never be used on me again. They even threw me a psychedelic dance party.

It was a fun couple hours of adventure. Between yesterday and tonight I think I’ve had my fix until the next weekend. Today was perfect day to play, mostly because we had electricity. We lost power for a couple hours this morning – fortunately for me I slept through most of it. The wind was bad enough that it did wake me up a few times. Everything was up and running though once I came to life. Even did some video work! More details on that at a later date. Today was more of a chillax kind of day. Might do something a bit more productive tomorrow.

Chill Weekend Open Thread

Kicking the weekend off proper with more BG3. Finally killed the Forge Boss, and officially made a new friend at our camp!

It wasn’t entirely an evening for BG3. I made time for Whisker Squadron Survivor, haven’t checked on it in ages and they’ve made a LOT of changes since my last visit. They added a boss battle in Zone 5 on any map, unavoidable cursed choices and challenges. I’ve already completed all the easy ones, one hard, and I think one medium… Oddly enough the medium challenges are harder than the one hard challenge I unlocked.

Smol = Big Adventures

You know it’s getting serious when I’m looking at mods to make for a better experience! So far I’ve up’d the framerate, installed an HD font pack, and HD texture pack.

I found the recipe to become smol, but it makes the adventure all the bigger. I only wanted to play a little bit tonight, but with the modding and tinkering I ended up getting sucked further into Wonderland than I had originally planned to. I’ll give another lady protagonist some attention tomorrow, though it has been fun going on Alice’s adventures!

Logic and Proportion

Finished animating the intro to a video I’m working on! Celebrated the last bit of the evening by playing some more of American McGee’s Alice. I made it deeper into the Skool and found a recipe for how to become smallville. Also found a croquet mallet along my travels, so far that’s my second favorite weapon next to wield, with the first being the deck of cards.

I’m impressed with what extras they put into this version of the idTech3 engine. Having grown up with Quake III Arena it’s weird seeing characters with facial animation… perhaps John Romero should have ported Daikatana from Quake 2! :v

Surprise Balduring!

Couldn’t resist doing a little more Balduring tonight. I have an extra day off tomorrow, and luck brought Yutram and I together to make it all the way to the Forge in the Underdark. We fought and won a battle that we were sure we would lose, even with a party of six. As usual I made a recording, should make for some nice footage when I get around to it.

I don’t think I’ve gone into detail about this particular character. She’s a high half elf Rogue Spellsword – loosely based on my Skyrim character, traveling with her best friend – a Drow Monk and any of the other characters that want to tag along. We were discussing future character ideas for different runs. One of our other friends got the game for his birthday recently, and it would be fun to make something to troll them with. 😛

Toren: A Game That Aged Like Fine Wine

For a game that came out in 2015, the graphics are still lovely even in 4K! Plus the refresh rate makes it feel like this game has matured like a fine wine. I decided to play a bit of Toren during lunch today, and ended up picking up where I left off for my one hour of gaming. Toren supports cloud saves, so I’m hoping it’ll help me finish it. As beautiful as the game is I am reminded of why I took a long break from it; some of the controls feel a little clunky. Although I am doing better platforming certain areas that I kept fucking up on the last time I played.

If you’re not familiar with Toren, it’s a game where you play as a young girl. You’re alone in a tower, that is frequently harassed by a dragon with a petrifying shriek. So far I’ve only been petrified twice. Both times it was part of the plot though…

You end up dying and being reborn numerous times. The last time I played I only got to her teenage phase before calling it quits. Now I aim to finish this one once and for all. I was impressed with how well it ran on Deck earlier. I played for about half an hour, and it only used about 9 percent of the battery, the fans barely even kicked on. It certainly fits the bill for lunch time/evening distraction!

Last Bit Of Weekend Wonderland

I thought about continuing my journey through Alice: Madness Returns, but ended up deciding to travel even further back in time to play the game that started it all. American McGee’s Alice. I never knew that it ran on idTech 3! The same engine Quake 3 ran on! What they did with it was impressive, for the era it came out in.

Made it to Skool before calling it quits. It feels a little janky to play, but I am getting used to it. I also played a bit of it on my Steam Deck earlier. It does a weird glitch where the game window is larger than the screen, it’s also upside down and backwards. Binding the alt and enter keys to one of the back paddles fixed it though, and it handled controller play quite nicely.

There’s something about the darker setting of Alice in this old engine that makes it even creepier than the sequel, in a good way. It gives it a darker, grittier feel.

Crossing A River Of Glitches

We had fun trying to get through the river of darkness with six characters. Last night when we made my companions glitch out of existence. They were still alive, but they were invisible and immovable. When I summoned the boat it did the same thing to my friend’s companions. We ended up sending two of them back to camp, made our way across in the boat, and then regrouped afterwards. Other than that little snag it’s been fun playing with a party of six.

We called it a night after biting it in a battle we had no chance of winning. This is where our heroes will rest until the next upcoming weekend. It’s back to cycling other games to keep things fresh. I was actually thinking of doing a theme this month for my gaming posts. Since it’s Women’s History Month I’m thinking of prioritizing my playtime for games where there is either a female character, or games that grant the option to play as whatever you want. Baldur’s Gate 3 is pretty versatile in that regard, and it also gives me an excuse to binge the Tomb Raider Remaster if I so choose. 😛 She was the first woman I ever played in a video game, so it’s only right I give her some screentime. Of course, more lady protaganists have appeared since the 90’s! So you can guess that I’ll be covering them also!