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The Mind Of OverlordTomala

This One Time, At Pod Camp

I recently went through a five hour Skyrim livestream, and I harvested about 30 minutes of fun from it… some of it worthy of animation! There will be at least two or three videos coming from it. At least one of them being 100% animation! Maybe it’ll make up for the massive influx of pure gameplay video I’ve been pushing out! 😛 That said, there will be a couple of those next month. Maybe they’ll give me time to get this polished and ready. If not, it can be expected to debut in early January, hopefully with more content if I’m lucky. 😛

A Double Fine Weekend

Yesterday it was Brutal Legend, and today I switched over to Grim Fandango Remastered! With actual progress! Made it out of the city and to the edge of the petrified forest.

I also nabbed several achievements!Now that I’m onto a whole other chapter I’ll definitely have to return to this universe sooner rather than later. I’ll also need to do a replay of this sometime in the future… I missed a couple achievements in the beginning. Oh well… that’s one way to achieve replay value.

From The Lands Of Heavy Metal

Decided to rock out tonight in Brutal Legend. Braved the lair of Metal Spiders and freed Dragon statues from bondage demons. Looks nice in 4K, but the character animations seem to be locked to 60FPS, which makes it a little jarring when the rest of the environment is running at a higher refresh rate. It’s a bit jarring, but it doesn’t seem to have an effect on gameplay.

This time around I’m trying to do a better job of doing a little sight-seeing, for side quests, shrines and other secret swag just waiting to be found. Might consider playing a little more from my Steam Deck before calling it a night.

Shrines, Ghosts and Tanuki Oh My!

It’s been awhile since I last visited Ghostwire Tokyo. Tonight I cleansed a shrine, prayed at another, found a tanuki and completed a couple of quests.

Next time I play I’ll have to do away with the spirit of an asshole hoarder (A hoarder that’s an asshole, not someone that’s literally hoarding assholes… that would be even more fucked up).  To add to the immersion, I’ve also been drinking all kinds of green tea this evening. Started with a cherry blossom sencha when I got home, and now I’m having some matcha milk tea before bed. 🙂 Maybe I’ll have haunted dreams about drinking tea with ghosts.

Thinking With Horror, and Maybe Portals

Tonight I wandered down the realm of Science, you monsters!Made it most of the way through my accumulated collection of Portal 2 Horror Maps! Some involving murderous mannequins, escape rooms, and a PT inspired level!

One of the maps I downloaded is called Chell Comits Tax Fraud aka the Portal equivalent of PT. In fact there wasn’t much in the way of using Portals tonight. Most of the maps I played were basically walking simulators, or if The Stanley Parable had a horror bend to it.

Another fun map that I played was Basement Horrors. When it originally launched the map was able to shuffle itself in such a way to randomize your experience on each run. Though that mechanic is broken now, it is still playable to the end.

Though that mechanic is broken now, it is still playable to the end. It’s still quite easy to die if you’re not careful, but as you die each time it becomes more like a memory game. Kinda like Simon, if Simon was a murderous game.

Now I can properly declare my horror scratch to be officially itched for tonight! Now to rest and contemplate the next adventure…

The Demonic Purging Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Tonight was another fun evening of playing badass girls in dresses, only tonight it was a Metroidvania kind of evening! I made it through Stage 3, it was actually easier than the previous stage and I made another friend!

So far I’ve done well keeping to my Spooktober themed collection of demons and monsters. I already have a preview of what the next area is going to look like:

Our heroes standing in the middle of a lovely garden.

It looks like I’ll have some gardening to tend to the next time I return. 🙂 I’m thinking of doing some Science tomorrow night. I still have some Portal 2 Halloween maps I want to play through!

A Whole Other Wonderland

Alice arrives in wonderland.

I never played any of American McGee’s Alice games, and that changed this evening! I never bothered making an EA/Origin account, and didn’t feel like doing so. But several years later when EA returned to Steam and a few sales later I ended up getting it, but never got around to playing it until now. It released in 2011 but the graphics hold up really well!

Alice standing inside a giant teapot.

I also installed it onto my Steam Deck! Unfortunately it doesn’t offer cloud saves, which means unless I manually update my saves in between my systems I’ll have to play two separate saves. Other than that it runs really well on a hand held, controls and all.