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The Mind Of OverlordTomala

Now For Something Completely Different

Hey look! A game that isn’t Horizon Zero Dawn! Decided to give my Steam Deck some love while doing an SFM render. I got 100% in Hollow Grove and Thornfelt Swamp, now I’m uncovering new ground in Black Root Burrows, or I was just starting to… but it’s getting late for me. My iced tea is ready for tomorrow, a nice Watermelon Oolong with enough caffeine and flavor to wake me up tomorrow.

Speaking of work, a co-worker of mine has been delving more into Linux lately, and he’s actually been taking a liking to it! Although I’ve had to help him with a few things. On Saturday he was complaining to me about how much gaming sucks under Linux still, and it turned out he never even enabled Proton, the compatibility layer for playing Windows games and a large chunk of why the Steam Deck is able to rival so many other handhelds. I’m sure he’ll give me an update the next time I see him. 🙂 It’s nice seeing more people tinkering with Linux, and I own a good portion of that to the Steam Deck! Now gamers will slowly learn Arch commands! :v

Praise The Sun(day) King

Today was a cozy Sunday filled with plenty of healthy brunch, and a full day of HZD! Finished a couple of quests in the Frozen Wilds. Now I’m back on the main path after a bunch of flower hunting, corrupt machine zone cleansing, and a tallneck was there somewhere.

Haven’t decided if I’ll continue the journey tomorrow, or to move onto something else. I basically put in a full shift of HZD today, a little more than I planned to. Can’t be helped though, it’s like watching a really interesting movie, with the thrill of the hunt! It’s no different than binge watching movies on a rainy day, this one is just interactive… and moddable. :v

To The Frozen Wilds!

Made it to The Frozen Wilds DLC! Really beautiful mountain area, and plenty more time for me to waste enjoy here! I’ve already gained a few quests that will be keeping me busy for a bit.

The Frozen Wilds are home to The Banuk; one of the many tribes you find throughout HZD. They are a people that treat the machines as if they have their own spirits, and the lands are plagued by a an evil daemon. I have to find a Shaman by walking The Shaman’s Path, but not before completing a couple other side-quests that happen to be in easy reach.

I left off entering an old building, with a puzzle awaiting me when I’m slightly less tired. Tonight I put in a good few hours after a bit of animation.  It’s supposed to be raining tomorrow, might play this some more to keep warm. 😛

Friday Evening Open Thread

Got another video finished! Canned and ready to go! I’ll probably deploy it some time next month. Spent the rest of the evening hunting Behemoths in HZD, once you use the right arrows for the job they become pretty easy to take down… that and positioning yourself in an area where the machines can’t easily pelt you! 😛 With my weekend on the horizon (no pun intended) there’s a good chance I’ll probably clock in more time. Hard to believe I’m 66 hours in so far!

Open Thread!

Level 30 Came So Fast

Another successful evening of HZD, this time on the couch! Destroyed a couple of bandit camps, made my own Robot Wars and left off during a hot hunt. I’ve leveled up to 30, and decided to unlock the skill that lets me quietly assassinate the heavier baddies. I’ve racked up quite a few side-quests now that I’m further into the plotline, looking forward to seeing what else unfolds!

Fun & Productivity

Hey! Look! Another post that doesn’t include any HZD in it! Felt like doing some Innocent Dragon stuff tonight. Next time I play I have to defeat Gulp, too tired to finish the boss battle tonight, but I did collect a lot of treasure and even got 100% in a world.

Before embarking on Dragon adventures though I did make a small dent in the next animation project, this one is going to be looking a little more ambitious once I get closer to the end. Until then, these scenes by the couch are pretty easy. I’m planning to release Part 1 later into June, depending on how soon I can wrap up Part 2. I’m thinking for tomorrow I’ll look at the 2019 Skyrim footage and see how I should cobble it together, what to animate in it, etc.