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>Peace was found. For today…

>Peace was found. For today…

The Sun was shining today and it was a beautiful day! Not a single thing to ruin it. I was even in a mood to take flower pictures.

And there was even some gentle wind for my awesome hair. Which had these nice clips in it.


Purple butterflies and a peace sign around my neck, plus big flower earrings. Didn’t wear tie dye or had any knives on me. Heck I didn’t even tote around a gun. At least not today 🙂 What can I say? The Overlord in me tries to kill off the hippie inside. But it still clings on and never goes away… Damn my parents and their 1980’s music loving!!!!! shakes fist

And on another random note. Bongmaster will be co author of the week starting Sunday!!!!

Thank you and goodnight/day.

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Melon Seed
May 9, 2009 11:22 am

Share the Land and Stuff!!! Going up the country, don't you want to go where the water the tastes like wine??? Let yer freak flag fly!!!Thank you for sharing your spring pictures and fashions with us mere commentators!!! I love the necklace-awesome!Your blogs are always a breath of fresh air- Yays!!!! Blog on- Wheees!!!Welcome as the Guest Blogger, BongoTram!!! I hope you have lots of Things and Stuff to share with us!!! Perhaps updates on your projects and stuff!!! I'm looking forward to it all- Yays!!!!I'll get in the water and stay drunk all the time- Yays!!!!