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So I was reading Alah’s blog (Praise Alah) today, sorry that’s a lie. So my hired assistant read me his blog entry today regarding torture from the United States. I managed to catch this part:


It runs completely contrary to common sense and logic, and I can’t imagine how the people getting on TV and defending what was done over the past eight years can even stand to look themselves in the mirror every day (obviously, Cheney doesn’t have that problem, because he’s a fucking vampire).

No, Dick Cheney eats Vampires for breakfast. You’re thinking of Karl Rove. Dick Cheney has a black hole for a heart. His bunker cannot be accessed by anything human due to all the hot lava at the center of the earth. And I heard he bitchslapped Satan and took his rightful place there.

Since this is “I am Uru and so can you” I’ll get right to the point. I agree with Alah that torture is a horrid thing. Which is why I wish Myst/Uru community mindfucking would be outlawed. We lose many Myst/Uru fans each day due to their asshat tactics and if we want to survive as a community, we need to step up and torture those who torture individuals with their asshattary. It’s wrong, subhuman, and it needs to stop.

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Melon Seed
April 30, 2009 4:43 pm

I agree that torture is wrong, but more importantly, it doesn’t work. What I mean is, people generally will say whatever they think you want to hear to make the torture stop, even if the information is completely false, especially if they don’t know anything in the first place. Some people get training to resist torture, which is another reason it won’t work. Truth serum might work though. But what works best, I think, for getting information you need is spying, good old fashioned intelligence. If you capture someone who knows something, and they don’t want to tell you, find… Read more »

Melon Seed
May 2, 2009 3:57 pm

One more comment, I’ve watched TV shows like 24, and I can see how in some circumstances certain really horrible tactics might work, but they are still immoral, wrong. Like when Jack threatens to kill this guy’s kid right in front of his wife, unless he talks, that’s kind of like torture, and the guy can either talk or call Jack’s bluff. The bad guys in that show have captured a guy and his family, they tell him they will kill his family unless he tells them some code or something, so he talks, but he doesn’t realize he and… Read more »