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>Screw the rules, I have even MORE money.

>Screw the rules, I have even MORE money.

Well, I didn’t really go to the BBQ (due to the fact that the weather wasn’t right AND I wasn’t all that hungry. San did go and has informed me that I won $25. Jeez this has to be my luckiest week yet! Throw money at your overlord! All I need is $15 more and I can afford an external hard drive that normal people would expect me to pay for with my own money. But hey, now I can “screw the rules”.

I didn’t really do much, just kicked back and had a couple hard lemonades and am finishing the night off with a giant pot of tea. Just had my Japanese Cucumber and crab salad with pickled ginger and a rice vinegar soy sauce dressing. mmmm. Healthy and flavorful! But for now, chocolate hazelnut tea for the win!

I think tomorrow I will push myself to do something artistic, Overlord’s have to be creative. And stuff…

In the meantime I am trying to recruit someone from one of the Uru forums to come protest on the shards with me. We’ll see how this goes.

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slave #13
Melon Seed
July 16, 2009 9:43 am

Well gee Boss, you could help out our good buddy alahmnat with all that extra cash. Poor buddy still needs a harddrive. Look for donate.