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Stealthy Sunday: TO THE MAUSOLEUM!!!

Stealthy Sunday: TO THE MAUSOLEUM!!!

Made it to the Mausoleum of the Fallen tonight… forgot how much of a pain this area is. I’ve managed to knock out half of the light barriers, plus I did some exploring in areas I wasn’t supposed to. 😛 At the beginning of the Mausoleum level there’s a gap you can shadow jump to, and it leads to outside of the level where you’ll find an open forest that doesn’t have much..

I was a bit stabbier during this session, but they’ve all been stealth kills. I also picked up the ability to send dead bodies to the shadow realm. Figured for a first full playthrough I can afford to be a tiny bit chaotic. I am an Overlord after all. :v For more pics from tonight’s adventure feel free to venture over to yonder Mastodon.

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