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Steam Controller Diary: Day 1

Steam Controller Diary: Day 1


Yesterday I spent a good portion of my time futzing about with the new Steam Controller. I took it slow at first and tested it out by playing some platformers like Abyss Odyssey and Blade Kitten, that handled well as expected, as did PacMan. Then I decided to kick things up a notch and try configuring Skyrim. That’s when things got a little confusing. At least until I decided to look up configs created by other users.


Each game (if someone creates a config to share) has a config that you can use if you’re not sure what would be a good layout. I took one of the configs for Skyrim and made a slight edit to it and surprisingly it handled real well. Well enough that I could play it away from my desk if I so choose to.

After finding the community section for games I decided to look at other games in my collection. Surprisingly even PacMan has some user created configs for it. Even some old DOS games. Daikatana though? Forget it! 😛

I still have many more games to go through, but so far I’m pretty impressed with how Skyrim performed. I don’t think it’ll completely replace my Logitech Controllers, but for versatility this stands a good chance. I’ll have to see how some Hack n Slashes and FPS games perform with it. Perhaps today during my lunch hour I’ll play with it some more using the gaming laptop. I already put some configs on there for a few games I might play today, depending on my mood.