Ruining It For Everyone Else Since 2004


Wutt/Neile Adams/Admiral Vega/D’Neile/Wingnut Wutt/Everyone’s favorite ruby throated Southern American DoDo:

Thank You I taught her well.
“Read my Disk, There Iz no Uru Underground Shards”

Yes Neile you have taught me so much. They say you can learn much from bad examples. If there was a pictionary depicting epic fail, your picture would be right there, on the faaaar right side of the page.

I have put together a list of what Neile taught me NOT to do.

1. Never disrespect the following people: Friends who give you a place to play, friends who give you part of their webspace, friends who assemble care packages or to be more accurate don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

2. Never cross state borders to meet some hillbilly from second life I hardly even know.

3. Never play second life

4. Never drag my personal problems from RL/Second Life into an uninvolved community

5. Never tell people about what happened in bed with friend from SL unless the authorities are involved.

6. Never ask someone to not let personal problem person into shards that will let anyone in.

7. Never blame my own stupidity from RL on people whom I never met in person.

9. Never be a Drama Queen or a Pansy

10. Never allow myself to be an emotional parasite.

11. Never let myself be petty enough to group in a bunch of people who had nothing to do with arguments with other friends.

12. Did you even stop to notice that I didn’t add a #8? Didn’t think so…

13. Never hide under an alias that people already know about.

14. Don’t make imaginary assumptions about the sex life of someone else when they happen to know about yours.

15. Did I mention never be a drama queen? I did? Just checking!

16. Never send around strange religious emails/political emails to get attention. Just because you’re a failed abortion doesn’t mean you have to shove it down our throats.

I’m sure if Mr Neile Adams hangs around this community I’ll learn more and more Wutt not to do.

So ummm… Thanks for all you’ve taught me? I probably would have been better off not learning these things, but Wutt the heck. Turn lemons into lemonade.