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Tales From my RGB Powered Production House

Tales From my RGB Powered Production House

It’s been a productive weekend! Thanks to Shotcut I’ve been getting my video releases in order, lots of gameplay footage to release between now and November! Made a few thumbnails for said videos in Krita, and I’ve even been upping my OBS game for future vids!

Installed a few plugins to try, there was one I even noticed that’s bundled with the current OBS that allows you to capture individual audio streams from different programs. Handy if you want to have your game audio and voice chat audio on separate tracks! Another plugin I found on the OBS Forums makes green screening a hell of a lot easier, and I even downloaded a status bar to mess with. I’ll need to rebuild a few scenes before I consider streaming again, but one of these weekends I’d like to make it happen!

I ran some tests with AMID EVIL last night, they released the new Black Labrynth Campaign. I figured it would be perfect for my testing needs. Didn’t overload the encoder once, and no lag whatsoever on audio or graphics. Thanks to the new audio plugin I now use 5 different audio channels for one game recording, and they consist of:

  • Game Audio
  • Voice Chat Audio
  • Microphone Audio
  • Music Channel (Only for Livestreaming)
  • Downmix (All Channels Mixed Together)

All of it done without the need of third party programs like voicemeeter! That means I can do this under both Windows AND Linux! Now if Creative would fucking support their sound cards under Linux I’d spend 99% of my time there on Desktop!