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>The 4th was fun.

>The 4th was fun.

The 4th was a good day. Princess Barbie and I went down to the beach to watch the fireworks display. We didn’t expect to see the fireworks through the fog, in fact we mostly went to watch the goofy tourists act like morons (I was not disappointed). I have to say though it was impressive. The fireworks looked like fire rain pouring down from the cloudy sky. Then again explosions impress the overlord.

We had this strang eold man going along the beach. And he handed us a homemade m80. We think he was either drunk or high, and he honestly believed we never played with fireworks before. No matter how sarcastic our voices were… I still haven’t used it. This one is going to be saved for a special day.

Because of this I arrived home late last night and had to get ready for the next working day. So I didn’t get around to doing much internet stuff. But now I’m all relaxed and am looking forward to my next 3 days of sleeping in.

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Melon Seed
July 9, 2009 5:08 pm

SleepTram!!!!!! zzzzzzz