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The Black Labyrinth Awaits

The Black Labyrinth Awaits

I ascended the tower on the dark coast of the AMID EVIL Black Labyrinth DLC. I always marvel at the thought put into the level design, it’s on par or exceeds the base game in terms of creativity.

The optional Ray Tracing features also render nicely without taking much of a punch to my framerate. Makes for a lovely fighting arena. 🙂

Survived the first boss battle! The Storm Spirit! I slain the dragon with my scythe, planets and other weapons I had at my disposal. It was fun being picked up by the Dragon and getting tossed into the air, it makes me wonder what the other boss(es) will be like.

The scenery has a habit of catching you off guard if you’re not careful. I was surprised by the giant swords that pelted the outside walls of the labyrinth. They were not my enemy though, they assisted me in getting further through my journey. Now I’m at a nice safe location for when I decide to pick up next. 🙂