The Blackest Of Fridays Approaches

The Blackest Of Fridays Approaches

So, despite there being a pandemic and an escalation in cases, businesses like the one I work for are still going through with Black Friday. All day I had to reassure morons that Black Friday is still a go, and endure complaints from Karens’ and Kens’ alike because we are lacking current gen consoles to sell, or any other bullshit item that is made overseas. I think my favorite conspiracy theory I’ve heard thus far from these eternal virgins is “The damn deepstate is preventing me from buying a PS5!” these people can all go collectively die from COVID in a fire with dildos covered in glue and rolled in glass and salt for all I care. For fucks sake… I want to buy AMD’s new 6800XT and much like NVidia and the console releases it has been rendered nothing more than unobtanium for most on the quest to score one, and I’m not throwing a giant Karenfest for not getting one in my hand. I don’t get what it is about the holidays that brings a person’s inner fuckass out, other than another excuse to just treat people like absolute shit. And after having a Polyester Cockwomble at the helm for the last four years enabling these types of human excrement it’s more than clear to me that’s likely the case. I’m just glad I’m only getting a 50% dose of these douchecanoes with an immediate shower to follow.

I’m dreading this Friday. We’ve had a small handful of people contract COVID at work ever since this all started, and I would be surprised if we followed any social distancing/mask guidelines once everything starts. We already have a No Mask No Entry policy that we pretty much don’t follow despite already being fined more than a few times. I’ve learned from watching others that people are more than likely to bend to your will if you act enough like an asshole. I can’t say I’ve ever been into that kind of mentality, and I don’t understand why so many people cream their jeans to be around what would otherwise be overgrown children or malformed adults. If I had the choice to be alone for the rest of my life or never be alone but only be surrounded by assholes you can sign me up for the former; It’s better to be alone by yourself than be alone in a crowd.

Also… why the fuck are people hording toilet paper again!? We’re not even having a lockdown.

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Dieter Maggs
Melon Seed
November 25, 2020 3:57 pm

Stay safe man. I know how crazy it can get with these stupid sales and even moreso with what’s going on. You make sure you stay safe and be careful around these crazy assholes. Can’t have my favourite watermelon enthusiast get ill on me when she has Christmas cheer to give.
I’m wishing all the best for you!