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The Christmas Game Hop

The Christmas Game Hop

Well, we’re in the official holiday season. A time to enjoy warm beverages, holiday sweets, getting close with friends and family, and murder sprees!

I kicked off the weekend by playing a custom Left 4 Dead campaign with Yutram the other night, and wow…

Dick in a concrete drum

I’m pretty sure this was a troll campaign from start to finish. We didn’t get any good weapons until the end, and what really amused me aside from the 50 tanks hidden throughout the campaign was there actually being ammo in certain places, which we couldn’t use because we had only pistols… then when we got half way through the campaign we did finally get some Tier 1 weaponry, but suddenly ammo was scarce.


I also decided to tackle the holiday DLC for Painkiller: Hell and Damnation, and all I got was this lousy hat. Actually this was just a map that already existed in the game, but was redecorated and released as free DLC for the holidays. Defeating Satan Claus gets you that hat achievement. That was one of my favorite levels from the regular game, and given that it was free I can’t really argue about it either. It was fun all around.

You shouldn’t have.

I also hopped around different Serious Sam games and found a few mods here and there. I also went around Killing Floor 2 for a bit and got some holiday achievements. It felt therapeutic after a physically and mentally grueling week for quite a few of us at work, and playing these with spiked tea and eggnog was a nice little escape before returning to reality to do it all again.